Mizuno Inspire 17 Review

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Mizuno Inspire 17 Review


When a customer comes into The Running Well Store,  they often ask “What is different about the new version of this shoe?”  Sometimes the changes are mostly cosmetic with the upper and sometimes the changes are more significant.  There are quite a few significant changes with the update of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 that we need to focus on.

The Mizuno Inspire 17 is a  light stability shoe that works well for runners who want to run high mileage. It is also a great gym shoe that is firm, responsive, and provides a stable feel while on soft gym floors.

I am a 5’4” female runner who is currently training for a half ironman in June, so my mileage is not very high at the moment.  Having  run multiple half and full marathons and half and full Ironman triathlons over the past 20+ years,  I have run in several different brands which include Asics, Newton, and Saucony.  I ran in the Inspire 17 for three different road runs throughout the week – a short easy pace run, a tempo run, and my weekend long run.   I ran in the mesh version of this shoe, even though it is also now available in a knit upper as well.


The Facts


Price:  $134.95

Weight:  10.9 oz  M/9.2 oz W (a bit heavier from the Inspire 16)

Offset:  12 mm

Use:  Daily training, long distance, gym

Category:  Stability

Surface:  Road


The Updates


The Inspire 17 is more true to size than the Inspire 16 was.  If you wear the wide version of this shoe, you will be happy to know that Mizuno has added a few millimeters of space in the toe box and the girth of the forefoot. In fitting customers in the Inspire 16, I almost always had to go up an extra half size or a width to get it to fit properly.  The tongue is now sewn in as part of an internal bootie and does not need to be held in place with a loop on the tongue- this provides a secure feel inside the shoe.  The security of  the shoe was also enhanced by the fit of the heel counter which wraps the heel well and has nice padding.  I did not feel the need to use a lock lace in order to feel secure in the shoe.  The mesh upper has larger holes for better breathability, the laces are flat and slightly textured so they do not come untied during a run, and they are long enough in case you need to adjust your lacing.

The Feel

I normally wear a Saucony Guide 13 and am used to an 8mm offset shoe.  I was a bit apprehensive to try a shoe, like the Inspire 17, that has a 12mm offset.  For my first short run, I was well-aware of the difference and could feel it a bit in my shins and the top of my foot, but by the second run, I did not feel those issues anymore. The platform under the heel feels quite substantial.  The reason for this is because Mizuno has added a heel wedge made of their Enerzy foam, which although it does add some bulk, also adds a more cushioned feel with better shock absorption and a smoother transition to the forefoot.  The wave plate on the new version is different as well.  On the lateral side of the shoe the plate still has a gentle wave shape, but on the medial side the plate is a more geometric, stair-stepped design.  Even with the change in design, the wave plate still functions the same in providing durable structure and support under the heel and arch that this shoe is known for.

About the Wave Plate


I noticed right away that I felt more ground contact with this shoe.  The reason for this is that Mizuno has removed the plastic Trustic beam and instead has filled in the midfoot of the shoe to provide more platform under foot and uses a center channel that connects the heel to toe to keep you centered on the shoe.  With the extra ground contact, I must admit that at first I felt like the shoe was not very flexible and that I was slapping the ground with my feet, but that also went away by my second run as I broke the shoe in and it softened up.

The outsole rubber on this shoe has been beefed up with a more durable rubber component and instead of the flatter outsole seen on the Mizuno 16, the 17 has shallow lugs that provide a better grip, especially when you are on surfaces that may have loose gravel, salt, or snow.

In summary, this is a great shoe for anyone who needs a durable stability shoe with a responsive cushion under foot.




About TRWS GURU Adrienne

Adrienne Garstang is one bad a$$!  Having completed four Ironman events, multiple half Ironman events and countless road running events Adrienne’s experience is unmatched.  She is full of love and commitment to her family, to the sport and to her customers.  She fully enjoys helping people achieve their goals and enjoy running, walking or their work day.  It should not go without being mentioned that Adrienne has been working at The Running Well Store on Barry Road since it was founded in 2006!  We love having her a part of the team and hope you enjoy her perspective on the Mizuno Inspire 17.




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