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Altra Lone Peak 5 Review

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review To start off I was really happy that I got the opportunity to do a …

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Mizuno Inspire 17 Review

Mizuno Inspire 17 Review When a customer comes into The Running Well Store,  they often ask “What is different about …

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Diadora Mythos Blueshield 6 Review

Diadora Mythos Blushield 6 Review The word, Diadora, comes from the Greek, “dia-dora”, which means “sharing gifts and honors” For …

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Altra Lone Peak 6 Review

Altra Lone Peak 6…It’s Like the 5 ONLY BETTER!   Most runners know the disheartening feeling of putting on the …

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Altra Torin 6 Review

Altra Torin 6 The Torin 6 is a max cushion neutral trainer, with a stack height of 28mm, it’s one …

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Altra Lone Peak 7 review

More Grippy & Less Slippy! The new & improved Lone Peak 7! What’s New?   Wow, that traction! Altra updated …

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