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Our Running Gear Rewards Program has some sweet benefits! Every time you spend money on full-priced items at The Running Well Store, you move towards getting cash back. For every $300 you spend on full priced items, you will receive $25 off your next purchase.

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When you connect your in-store and online accounts the dollars spent online and in-store both accumulate, you must spend the $25 reward in-store.

You have an unlimited amount of time to earn your reward.  Once you receive the reward, you will have 90 days to use the $25.  Rewards are use it or lose it! If you buy something for $20 with your reward money the $5 is forfeited, so make sure you shop wisely.

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Steps to the Newbie Run Club

Free Informational Meeting

On January 26th at 6:00pm we will host a free informational meeting at the 6009 Johnson Drive Running Well Store location.  At this meeting you will meet Coach Mary, hear from the Race Director of the Rock the Parkway 5k and be able to meet your fellow runners in the Newbie Run Club. During this time Mary will also ask the group what times everyone would like to get together both in-person and virtually for the weekly meet ups and training runs.

Understanding the Training Plan

Coach Mary will take you through the eight week training plan gearing you up for the Rock the Parkway 5k! The training plan is based off of an interval training plan where you will walk / run to build up your endurance. The first week of the eight week training plan will start with more walking than running and will gradually build you up to more running than walking through the training program.

Weekly Runs and Virtual Check-Ins

Once a week you will meet in person with Coach Mary to have a group run together and meet in person to discuss your training.  In addition, there will be weekly virtual meetings to talk about any challenges you face and adjust your training plan should it need to be adjusted.

Dress Rehearsal

One week prior to the actual 5k event you will meet Coach Mary at the start line for a test run of the event.   This will provide you an opportunity to run in the clothing you plan on using for race day, see the course, learn where the aid stations will be placed and ask any questions you may have about the event prior to race day!

Event Day!

The day of the Rock the Parkway 5k you will meet Coach Mary at The Running Well Store tent.  There you can leave your belongings so that you only need to focus on your run! This is the day that eight weeks of hard work pays off, it is your job to run and enjoy the journey! We can’t wait to see you at the finish line!

Frequently Asked Questions