Running shouldn’t make you numb!

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There you are, having a great run, a sunny 65 degrees outside with zero humidity. You’re about two miles in and…your feet go numb. Ugh!

Most cases of numb feet come down to improper fitting shoes. If you have numb feet, bring your current shoes into The Running Well Store and we will fit you in a pair that won’t make your feet go numb. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and helping them find the best shoes to address numb feet.

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About Numb Feet

When you are running, you have 45 miles of nerve synapses that fire the muscles to move you forward. How crazy cool is that?! Sometimes, though, those nerves hit a roadblock and your feet fall asleep. Shoes that are too tight put pressure on the nerves in your foot. If you suspect this is the reason, the solution is simple and our favorite! Come visit the Fit GURUs at The Running Well Store! Our Fit GURUs will not only look at the length of your foot, but the width and the shape to find you the best shoes for your numb feet.

Sometimes, even when the shoe fits properly, athletes will have their foot fall asleep. This can be due to the lacing in the shoe. We will often see clients pull the laces extra tight to get a good fit at the ankle, but this can entrap nerves on the top of the foot. This can be a problem for individuals with high arches. Try loosening your laces around your ankles. If this causes your feet to feel insecure, experiment with different lacing techniques to find one that keeps your shoes snug but doesn’t put pressure on a nerve.

The best way to start out trying different lacing techniques is to remove the top two lace loops from your shoes. Skip the lace you just removed by not crossing the lace but lace it through the lace in hole right above it. The last lace will cross just like usual. The reason for this is because of a pressure point on top of your foot.  If the laces cross on this pressure point and are too tight, it might put your foot to sleep.  Due to differences in shoes, you might need to move this “unlace” up or down as necessary. You just have to experiment.

When a person’s footwear is clearly not the source of the numbness, it is time to look at the runner’s form. Overstriding, is when your foot lands in front of your center of gravity or when your foot lands too far out in front of your body. This puts your feet in contact with the ground for too long. Try shortening your stride and landing on the mid-sole with each footfall, rather than lunging forward with your feet.

A Physical Therapist or running coach can help you fine-tune your form if you need more specific guidance.

How we help

The Fit GURUs at The Running Well Store know how to fit your shoes to your specific biomechanics. Bring your current shoes into the store and we will look at the shoes and provide a free stride analysis.


Numb Feet: Advice from the Experts

Single foot numbness could be as simple as one foot larger than the other, and it’s squeezed into a smaller shoe. Have a good shoe store fit both feet for length and width. Other potential causes include an entrapped (or pinched) nerve or a problem in the back, such as a disc bulge. An experienced chiropractor, PT, or MD must evaluate the latter. There are very effective conservative treatments available for these problems.

Dr. Kirk Iodice, Chiropractor
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The Fit GURUs at The Running Well Store know how to fit your shoes to your specific biomechanics. Bring your current shoes into the store and we will look at them and provide a free stride analysis.

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Different types of shoe laces and lacing systems can have an impact on how your foot feels inside the shoe.

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