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Newbie Run Club

Coach Cole with his Newbie Run Club participants.



Want to start running?

The Newbie Run Club is a Couch to 5k training plan with a dedicated coach gearing you up for the Hospital Hill 5k. We built this program for first-time runners and walkers who have never completed a 5k, have had some time off from running, or who have taken part in one event but want support completing a second.

Woman running in the couch to 5k training program

Are you ready to run your first 5k?!

Our amazing Newbie Run Club Coaches are ready to coach you to your goal. The Coaches will use a Couch to 5k training program that will gradually build your body up for the Hospital Hill 5k in the beginning of June.

You are in for a treat with our amazing coaches! Come to our virtual and free informational meeting on April 21st, 2022 and meet coach Cole!

The only person out there to beat is yourself! With our charismatic coaches, you will have fun completing this 5k and be ready to take on more.

What it includes:

The Newbie Run Club fee includes entry into the Hospital Hill 5k, as well as:

  • The Hospital Hill Event Tee.
  • Special Start / Finish area.
  • Amazing finisher’s medal.
  • Dedicated Couch to 5k Coaching.
  • Free Newbie Run Club Tech Tee.
  • Free informational meeting to meet the coaches, ask all the questions, learn about proper footwear, and more.
The Newbie Run Club Members become close friends

The Newbie Run Club participants will complete the Hospital Hill Course prior to the live event.

  • Experience the course.
  • Your coach will walk you through the course and what to expect.
  • Dress rehearsal for your clothing and footwear.
  • No pressure for time.
three people running on a bridge in kansas city wearing gear from the running well store

Steps To The Newbie Run Club

Step 1

Coach Cole with his Newbie Run Club participants.

Free Informational Meeting

On April 21st at 6:30pm we will host a free informational meeting at the 6009 Johnson Drive Running Well Store location.  At this meeting you will meet Coach Cole, hear from the Race Director of the Hospital Hill 5k and be able to meet your fellow runners in the Newbie Run Club. During this time Cole will also ask the group what times everyone would like to get together in-person and virtually for the weekly meet ups and training runs.

Step 2

person stretching for extra flexibility and to protect their knees before a group run

Understanding the Training Plan

Coach Cole will take you through the six week training plan gearing you up for the Hospital Hill 5k! The training plan is based off of an interval training plan where you will walk / run to build up your endurance. The first week of the six week training plan will start with more walking than running and will gradually build you up to more running than walking through the training program.

Step 3

two women reading ipad to discover proper stride analysis and running shoe fit

Weekly Runs and Virtual Check-Ins

Once a week you will meet in person with Coach Cole to have a group run together and meet in person to discuss your training.  In addition, there will be weekly virtual meetings to talk about any challenges you face and adjust your training plan should it need to be adjusted.

Step 4

kansas city group run the starting line of a large marathon race

Dress Rehearsal

One week prior to the actual 5k event you will meet Coach Cole at the start line for a test run of the event.   This will provide you an opportunity to run in the clothing you plan on using for race day, see the course, learn where the aid stations will be placed and ask any questions you may have about the event prior to race day!

Step 5

Hospital Hill Run Couch To 5k Training Program

Event Day!

The day of the Hospital Hill 5k you will meet Coach Cole at The Running Well Store tent.  There you can leave your belongings so that you only need to focus on your run! This is the day that six weeks of hard work pays off, it is your job to run and enjoy the journey! We can’t wait to see you at the finish line!

Meet Coach Cole!

Coach Cole has a passion to helping people achieve their personal best.  He loves seeing individuals set a goal and achieve it and is here to help you through your first 5k.  You are getting the best when you register for the Newbie Run Club since Coach Cole has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a minor in coaching.  In  2021 he completed his Kinesiology, Sport Exercise and Psychology Masters from Long Beach State University in California.  Cole now divides his time between managing The Running Well Store in Mission and as an Assistant Cross Country Coach for Rockhurst University.

Professional Run Coach


I wanted to run a 5k for my 50th birthday.  I signed up for The Running Well Store’s Couch to 5k program expecting weekly group runs and community.  Then Covid arrived.  TRWS did an excellent job of pivoting and revamping their program to meet the new normal.  Coach Mike coordinated twice-weekly video calls, which served as excellent education sessions.  They also allowed ample time for the group to get to know each other, albeit virtually.  Coach Mike provided extensive training resources and we received real-time coaching and support via the Strava App. Our training culminated with Coach Mike mapping out a socially distanced version of the Hospital Hill race that let the group safely meet in-person. Having such a comprehensive running foundation has allowed me to run without injury, learning stretching and rolling techniques and make life-long friends along the way.  Quite a testament – especially in the mist of a pandemic! Thanks Coach Mike and The Running Well Store!



- C. Gannon

If you are thinking of starting to run or starting to run again, this group is a great place to start!

- S Rider
kansas city group run the starting line of a large marathon race

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