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The Running Well Store knows that not all runners or walkers have the same goals. Some runners want to just cross the finish line of their first 5k, others are looking for a more challenging distance, or to cross the finish line with a close friend. Some of our clients want to get through a work shift without pain.

Everyone is motivated by their own personal goals and we are here to support you in your journey so you keep running, walking, and working well.

We want to assure that every customer at each of our running stores feels listened to, informed, and confident in their purchase.

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Walk Well. Run Well. Work Well. Walk Well. Run Well. Work Well. Walk Well. Run Well. Work Well.

Our Mission

The Running Well Store provides quality customer service our clients recommend, physicians prefer for their patients, and our employees are proud of.

Our customer service is rooted in listening to our clients, understanding the latest footwear technology, and having an in-depth knowledge of common injuries, and providing tools for our client’s goals.


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The Running Well Store is Kansas City’s premier resource for running, walking, and working shoes. We strive to be known as the running store that provides expert knowledge and customer service for anyone with feet in need.

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To experience our legendary Stride Analysis, you don’t need an appointment. But if you want to plan a time to meet with a Fit Guru and talk about your goals, your shoes, and any injuries you are struggling with, don’t hesitate to schedule a fitting.


I run anywhere from 30-50 miles in a week with various Army training and was so impressed with the knowledge and customer service here at Running Well! They analyzed my stride and explained the difference between shoes and helped me understand reasons why I was struggling with shin splints. Tara was the representative that patiently worked with me and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful finding my next pair of shoes!


-Tana A

This was my first time in the store and we were looking for cross country shoes for my 7th grader. I was a little nervous going in because I don’t know anything about running shoes and didn’t want to over-spend. Our experience turned out to be completely positive. The man who helped us (I wish I’d gotten his name!) was so knowledgeable and I truly feel like he helped us pick the best shoe for my son’s feet and the way he runs. We didn’t feel at all pressured or like he was just trying to close a sale. It was the most personalized shoe-shopping experience we’ve ever had and I’m so glad I didn’t try to figure it out by myself at Dick’s. They even offer 20% off for students running cross country or track and we can exchange them within 30 days if there are any issues. My son LOVES his new shoes and we were 100% happy with our experience at the store.

-Angela M

I went in with a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis and the knowledgeable staff fitted me for a pair of insoles. This past week I ran a PAIN FREE 1/2 marathon. This place is the best!


-Donna M.

They did an awesome job in helping me pick out the right running shoes☺ 😉   They have you walk on a treadmill while they video how your heel is hitting when you walk. They show you this video also and explain what they are seeing and what if any corrective shoes you might need. I wore my new shoes out of the store and I could tell they were just what my knees needed. They also have an excellent stock of socks!! The place and sign are easy to spot from the street.😳

-Bonnie S.

Very helpful. I was having lots of knee pain from running in cheap shoes so I went to the Running Well Store and the gentleman inside got me on a treadmill, recorded me running and explained what I needed. He had me try 4 or 5 pairs of shoes until we found the right one. He was very knowledgeable and my knee pain has reduced significantly! It is worth the money for REAL running shoes.

-Weston W.

Very helpful and very informative. Had me in and out in no time without feeling rushed. Put me on the treadmill, informed me on my footing, had me try on a number of different shoes(while explaining the components of each one), and rung me up. Came out better informed and very happy with my purchase. Great experience. Can’t wait to put them to pavement.

-Unique G.



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