Diadora Mythos Blueshield 6 Review

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Diadora Mythos Blushield 6 Review

Diadora Mythos Blueshield

The word, Diadora, comes from the Greek, “dia-dora”, which means “sharing gifts and honors” For over seventy years, the Diadora brand has been synonymous with high-quality artisanship. Many of our Running Well Store customers recognize this Italian brand for their immense impact on the soccer world, but are unfamiliar with how the company has evolved to meet the unique needs of runners of all levels.






The Technology

zero strain nucleo

At TRWS, we carry the Diadora Mythos, Elite and Volo, all with Diadora’s trademark Blushield technology. This technology combines a “morpho base”, which is carved to follow the natural anatomy of the foot in order to help transition from the initial foot strike impact through the push phase. The “zero strain nucleo” multi-cone shaped design maximizes impact absorption, creating an extraordinary and noticeable energy return. The fusion of these two patented design features makes up the Blushield magic, which results in a more dynamic, effective and balanced gait when running. The picture to the left showcases the “zero strain nucleo”.


The Reviewer

Diadora Mythos 6

Full disclosure, I am a New Balance 1080 devotee. From the wider toe box to the maximum cushioning, these are my go-to shoes. I’m a 5’9” female runner who currently clocks two to three 5Ks each week. 80% of my runs are asphalt/concrete, with 20% treadmill. Before my NB Cinderella moment, I primarily ran in Brooks – again, drawn to the cushioning. This is where my Diadora Mythos 6 experience gave me, pardon the pun, a run for my money. I did three separate runs in the Mythos over an eight-day period: an easy-paced two miler, followed by a road 5K and a treadmill 5K.

The Diadora Experience

From the moment I put on the Mythos, I could feel the benefits of the Blushield cushioning. With so much comfort, the shoe design is surprisingly sleek. It doesn’t have the bulky feel of other shoes with similar levels of cushioned support. The shock absorption rivals that of my 1080s, though with more specific Blushield midsole support. However, there is a nicely distributed full-foot cushioning feel and an obvious improvement in energy return. This was more noticeable to me with the road runs than the treadmill. My 1080s have am 8mm drop, while the Mythos measure at 10mm, so I noticed very little difference in my gait. I eased into the shoe with a two-mile slow-paced run. The Mythos felt a bit heavier on the foot, but the tradeoff is a noticeable responsiveness and a touch of arch support that strikes the right balance between conformed comfort and reactive firmness. (Just as an FYI, the Volo is the lightest style in the Blushield family.) The level of cushion and support felt really good through both 5K runs.

The Mythos feature a two-tone upper in engineered nylon air mesh with transparent TPU transfer, which is specifically designed to wick sweat away from your feet, creating a light and breathable experience. Which is a fancy way of saying that this is a really beautifully designed, yet very “runner friendly”, shoe. Known for their attention to detail, Diadora embodies Italian craftsmanship and the Mythos continues that tradition of thoughtful, functional design. As primarily a “road runner”, I also appreciate the wear-resistance rubber compound sole that is designed to outlast typical shoe rubber. My only issue, and it’s just a personal preference, is the narrower toe box and a lack of a wide option with the Diadora brand.

The Facts

Diadora is an Italian Brand

Price: $144.95

Weight: 8.5 oz

Drop: 10mm

Use: Run/Walk/Work

Category: Neutral

Surface: Road



Celia Gannon TRWS Guru

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