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Winter Running Gear

The day I was asked to write this article on winter running gear, we had just received several inches of snow and the temps were in the mid-20’s.  Being that I am not a huge fan of the treadmill or gyms right now in general, I opted to layer up and hit the snowy roads/sidewalks for an afternoon run with the temps in the mid 20’s and feel like temp of 17, a little wind and sunshine.

Keep in mind that the general rule for how much clothing to wear when going for a winter run is to dress like you would if you wanted to be comfortable standing around if it was 20 degrees warmer.  You should also avoid wearing cotton clothing as it will hold moisture close to your body and make you colder.  You should be chilly to start and warm up after about five minutes or so of running and you want to have options to take layers off or put them back on depending on what the weather does and which direction the wind is blowing.

Here is what I went out the door with from bottom to top:


Winter Running Gear 1

Trail shoes or yak Trax for your road shoes – trail shoes have a more durable rubber and deeper lugs on the outsole to help with traction and a more water resistant upper to help keep your feet warm and not soaking wet. YakTrax have coils that attach to your shoe and help give you traction Yaktrax Walk or YakTrak Pro.





Winter Running Gear 2

Hoka Speedgoat trail shoe

I wore my Hoka Speedgoat (women’s, men’s) trail shoes and even though I ran through quite a bit of deep snow and hit a few slushy spots and puddles on the road, my feet stayed dry.

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Winter Running Gear 3

Socks – knowing I was going to be cold and a little wet I opted for my Balega Blister Resist Quarter They are super cushioned, have mohair (Angola goat hair) in them, which is light, absorbent, and insulating. The quarter length helped to keep my ankles warm and the snow from getting down in my sock.

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Winter Running Gear 4

New Balance Running Tights

Fleece lined or full-length running tights– I know there are some out there who love to run in shorts no matter how cold it is – I am not one of those. I don’t want to scream when I get in the shower and the hot water hits my bright red frozen legs.  Fleece lined tights help keep your legs warm and block the wind when the temps hit the 20’s or lower.





Winter Running Gear 5

Smartwool Base Layer

Warm base layer top – there are several different options out there. A basic base layer, like Craft brand, can work if you have a warmer top layer like a fleece lined quarter zip.  On colder days, I prefer to wear a Smartwool or fleece lined base layer and tuck it in so the air doesn’t get under my shirt and my torso stays warmer.  This layer should fit close to the body.

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Winter Running Gear 6

Wind Resistant Running Jacket

Quarter zip or jacket – depending on the temps you can go fleece lined with these too. I like the quarter zip or jacket as you can adjust the zipper and open up around the neck for ventilation as needed if I start to get warm or the wind is at my back

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Winter Running Gear 7

Neck gaiter – can help with the initial bite of the cold when you first start running and help keep the burn from happening in your lungs. It can easily be pushed down when you warm up and stay around your neck and brought back up if you turn in to the wind. (SmartWool Merino gater, Reversible pattern gaiter or BUFF Thermonet neck gaiter or Multi-function gaiter)

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Winter Running Gear 8

Gloves – I have a pair of Craft Adv Lumen Fleece Hybrid gloves that I absolutely love. They have a reflective sleeve that you can pull over your fingers to make it in to more of a mitten and keep your fingers close together and if you get warm, there is a pocket to tuck the sleeve in, so it functions like a regular glove. (Find more gloves online or stop in to any one of our three locations around the Kansas City area).




Winter Running Gear 9

Hat or ear cover/headband is the best winter running gear – choose the weight depending on the wind, sun, and temperature. We carry Buff and Smartwool beanies/headbands that are light weight but warm. (check out our winter weather hats/ear cover/headbands here)


Now that you have the gear, you can check the weather and head out the door! See you on a local trail.


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