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How does it feel?

Saucony Triumph 20 can be purchased at The Running Well Store.

The Triumph has been my very favorite shoe since I started running again in 2016.  It was love at first stride again with the 20th version.  My eyes said “sweet looking shoe” and my feet said “wowzers, am I flying?” Their cushioning has always felt so bouncy and light.  I do recommend going up ½ a size to get that perfect fit. I am normally a size 6.5 and I went with a size 7. The PWRRUN+ Saucony put in this shoe is so explosive and energizing. I normally like my shoes to fit on the looser side and I thought I would not like the new reinforced eyelets. To my surprise, it felt nice and secure without putting a death grip on my feet.

What’s New??

Saucony Triumph 20 review


Saucony increased the offset from 8 to 10 mm and decreased the weight over ½ an ounce.  Doesn’t seem like much in numbers, but it does feel lighter. The price has increased by $10 so skip your high dollar coffee just once to balance it out. The reinforced eyelets around the midfoot for the locked in feel without the runners lace technique.


The Review:

Men's Saucony Triumph 20 reivew

My Walk

The first day I went for a 4 mile walk. I felt giddy and energetic like I was on a first date. It was incredible.  I had to repeatedly stop myself from running. The springy feeling of the cushion made me want to go faster. I wanted to run for the hills of Missouri to see how fast I could get there. Honestly, when I was heading back home, I was kinda bummed knowing my walk was about to end with this gem.  I do like to climb trees on my walks and I wanted to see if the thicker sole and grippier outsole would help or hinder my tree climbing.  I got right up in the tree like I was bare footed

My run

The second day I went for a 3 mile run.  I was so excited to see the difference. WHOA- this shoe practically runs for you.  If I say bouncy and springy one more time, it might get annoying but good gravy, this shoe has crazy energy. The rubber on the outsole is incredibly grippy as I turned corners and avoided the acorns along the trail.  I am not a runner for speed, I just like to be outside to appreciate nature.  I will tell you I was curious to see if I was running faster in the 20 than in other versions. I am normally a 10:30ish pace with no distractions and in the Triumph 20, my pace was 10:19.  Could it be the cushion and the change in weight?  I think there is a high possibility.

The Triumph 20 checks all my boxes so the love affair continues for at least another year.


Who This Shoe Is Good For:

Saucony Triumph 20 test reviewer


Anyone that wants to add more pep in their step, more grooves to their moves, or more happiness in their heart!

This shoe is awesome for short and long distance runners, walkers, tree climbers, and out’n abouters. I wouldn’t choose this shoe if you are on your feet all day at work. It doesn’t have the absorbent, marshmallow kind of cushioning system

Now for the SPECS:

  • Price: $159.95
  • Weight: 8.8 oz (Women’s) 9.7 oz (Men’s)
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • Category: Neutral


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