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Puma has really outdone themselves with this beautiful shoe. This high cushion, responsive shoe has the all new Run Guide System to support your heel along with Pwrtape to give you even more support along the upper of your forefoot. With it weighing just under 10oz due to the fully Nitrogen midsole it is a viable option for all types of runners. A few key features of this shoe are:

● Extreme light/thin upper to decrease weight
● Pwrtape along the necessary areas to support your foot
● Run Guide System to support your heel
● Fully Nitrogen midsole to increase responsiveness
● PUMAGRIP to give you unmatched traction on pavement

First Thoughts: 

ForeverRun Nitro is a great guidance shoe

Personally I am a neutral runner, I do not need any extra support but I love the feeling of it. Seeing that the ForeverRun has support in the heel and some extra support along the forefoot, I was extremely interested in trying the shoe. Surprisingly to me, the most noticeable feature of the shoe is the PUMAGRIP on the bottom. We had a group run in icy weather and I took them for a spin, I did not slip once. I am thoroughly impressed with how soft yet responsive the NITRO cushion is in the shoe as well.

What Makes This Shoe Different:

Puma ForeverRun Nitro

As far as running shoes go, this shoe looks dang good! We have three colorways in Men’s and Women’s, two of them being very vibrant colors and the third being a black and white. This shoe has an extremely breathable upper, so thin that you can see the faint color of your socks through the upper. Along with the breathable upper, the forefoot in the shoe is fairly wide. The last thing that really sets this shoe apart is the Metpad built into the insole. I find this helpful as far as fatigue goes, usually after long periods of standing or running I will begin to feel tired or stressed in my toes but the Metpad allows
for a different pressure point behind the Metatarsals.

Before this shoe I wore the Glycerin to work a lot, don’t get me wrong the shoe is great. But as far as a Nitro foam shoe goes, this shoe is more responsive, better looking, and softer. With extra support that is in the heel I think this is very comparable to the Glycerin GTS.

Who is This Shoe For?

Women's Puma ForeverRun

I would say that this shoe is more of a run specialty shoe than others. You can just tell when you put the shoe on that it is pushing you forward. It has features such as the thin upper make it a more enjoyable running shoe than it does an everyday shoe. As I stated before, I am a neutral runner. But, I prefer to run in shoes that give me a little more stability/structure than neutral shoes. That is exactly the way I would describe this shoe, it has more structure than a neutral shoe but not as much as your typical stability shoe. I would also recommend this shoe for someone who is having some pain in their Metatarsals, that Metpad in the sole would help relieve the pressure up front.

Who Isn’t This Shoe For?

I would not recommend this shoe for someone who has severe overpronation and is looking for just a plain everyday shoe. The Nitro foam in this shoe makes for a better feeling, responsive run. With that though, you have to sacrifice some of that plush feeling that people enjoy when they are standing/walking around. As to those who have severe overpronation, I would recommend a shoe that has support directly under the arch. Since this shoe provides heel support and has the Pwrtape that runs across the forefoot you will not get that extremely supportive feel that some Overpronators are looking for.

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $149.95
• Drop  mm
• Weight:   9.6oz  (M) 7.9 oz (W)
• Stack height: 40mm heel- 30mm forefoot
• Category:  Guidance

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