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The Diadora Trofeo is a great shoe that can be used for pickleball.

I was itching to get onto the court when I first put these shoes on!  These babies felt unlike any running shoe I’ve worn before – because they are specially designed for pickleball!  Immediately I felt secure and hugged.  They were begging me to take quick, multi-directional movements.  The EVA foam midsole, alongside Diadora’s Double Action Technology creates a wonderful cushion, yet still provides the necessary flexibility needed on the court.  These shoes were surprisingly comfortable during both long volleys and quick exchanges.  The outsole is made from their Duratech 5000 rubber compound, which provided excellent traction and made me feel even lighter on my feet.  I truly felt like these shoes allowed me to step up my game, and that statement is coming from a competitive ping pong, badminton, and recent pickleball player.  Not only did I feel more protected in these shoes, I feel like I played better (maybe because of the “look good, play good” mentality).  I thoroughly enjoyed playing in these shoes.

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Freedom Crossport:

Saucony Freedom Crossport is a great pickleball shoe.

Saucony is one of my favorite running shoe brands, due to their snug fit, lightweight feel, and cushion that is just right for me.  They maintained their identity with this shoe – the Freedom Crossport.  It is perfect for the pickleball court, but is designed for much more.  It is a cross-trainer, which means you can take this shoe for a run, and bring it into the gym for some weight training or HIIT (high intensity interval training).  It does a little of everything!  When you step into this shoe, it feels like you are sitting in a little valley.  It isn’t intrusive in any way, but I did feel supported in every plane of motion.  Their PWRRUN PB foam continues to impress me, it is bouncy, responsive, and stable, all while still feeling light.  The sockliner even has a bit of PWRRUN+ foam in it to boost its plushness.  The outsole of this shoe takes it to the next level.  The PWRTRAC rubber is strategically placed to protect high wear areas no matter what you are using the shoe for.  If you like to be active, or are looking for a more versatile shoe, the Freedom Crossport has you covered. 

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Solution Swift

Asics Solution Swift Court Shoe

Loaded with step in comfort and serious court style the Asics Solution Swift FF is designed for all-court players covering the net and baseline. It features a flexible sole design that’s functional for multi-directional movements. This shoe’s midsole is formed with FLYTEFOAM® cushioning. It’s a lightweight and durable foam that increases shock absorption. Meanwhile, the midfoot’s TWISTRUSS™ support unit helps you experience quick and confident cuts on court. The shoe’s outsole mirrors the SOLUTION SPEED™ FF 2 shoe’s sole design. It’s formed with a vertical dash pattern to improve traction on the court. Quick movers are sure to feel stable and supported, as this shoe is injected with Trusstic technology which helps hold your feet held in place. Ideal for players of all levels, this shoe will look and feel great, while keeping you light on your toes.

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How Are These Shoes Different from Running/Walking Shoes?:

Diadora Trofeo is a great pickelball shoe that can be purchased in Kansas City.

From the get-go, they are built differently.  Running and walking shoes are designed for forward and backward movement, no matter what pace you are going at.  The Trofeo and Freedom Crossport are crafted to support more side to side movements.  They also have superior traction, which is required when you make fast and variable movements on the court.  The outsole of running and walking shoes still hold their own, but are more durable when considering the repetitive nature of running/ walking, and the variable terrain that you are traversing.  To put it simply, you will feel more supported, and more competent, when wearing a shoe that is intended for your desired activity.

Why Did We Bring In These Shoes?

Diadora Trofeo pickleball shoes are a great purchase from The Running Well Store.
Saucony Freedom Crossport is a pickleball shoe.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation!  Our store name is The Running Well Store, but we want you to Pickleball Well too!  (Pickle Well?)  As this fun and approachable sport grew, we encountered many players who were looking for a sport specific shoe.  Because of how much this game has benefited the community, due to how social and ageless it is, we knew it was time to branch out, and bring in a few court shoes.  We hope the Diadora Trofeo and Saucony Freedom Crossport is loved by current pickleballers, and inspires newcomers to step onto the court.  



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• Price: $99.95

• Weight:   10oz  (M)  8.8oz (W)

• Use:  Court shoe/Training

• Drop:  0mm

• Category:  Neutral



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Freedom Crossport:

• Price: $149.95

• Weight:   8.6oz  (M)  7.4oz (W)

• Use:  Court shoe

• Drop:  4mm

• Category:  Neutral



About TRWS GURU Branden

Branden is new to the running world!  He is a golfer by nature, but started racking up miles on roads and trails after marrying his wife Gabrie in October of 2022.  She is an ultra marathon runner whose accomplishments include Man Against Horse, the Hawk 50, and the Leadville 100.  Branden is currently training for his first half marathon, alongside Enzo – their husky.  Branden and Gabrie added pickleball to their list of fun activities after playing with other members of their church.  He has been working at The Running Well Store in Lee’s Summit since November of 2022.




Not certain if this shoe is right for you?

We understand!  There are a lot of options of footwear on the market and deciding what model is the right model for your needs is not easy.  We are here for you! You can come into one of our three locations (Lee’s Summit, Northland and Mission, KS) for a free stride analysis. No appointment is necessary, but if you would like to schedule an appointment, click here.  We take in-person and virtual fittings.  Want to do research online?  We have a find my fit tool that will help you narrow down footwear options.  We hope to hear from you soon!