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ON Cloudsurfer

Finding the perfect shoe that not only looks great, but feels great is always a struggle so when a brand manages to do both it’s a major win. I personally haven’t been a huge fan of any of the ON models due to the design, support, weight, and responsiveness when running. So, when I was asked to do a review on this shoe, I went into it with a one-track mindset of this is going to be awful. However, I was pleasantly surprised to have my opinion changed on the brand with the Cloudsurfer. ON is known for their Cloudtec.

What I liked:

On Cloudsurfer is a very plush shoe.

Attractive, bouncy and lightweight are the first words that come to mind when I put on the new version of the Cloudsurfer. I prefer a very lightweight, low offset shoe and the newest version of this shoe didn’t disappoint although this shoe sits with an 10mm offset. It provided a natural lightweight feel, with a low stack height that still provided enough cushion to not have my foot feel fatigued during my runs. The Cloudsurfer provided a fun bouncy ride in all my runs, this version of the shoe uses the Cloudtec phase cushioning design, meant to “collapse” underneath you for a cloud feeling as you land and propel forward. This design performed as just that. I used this shoe during a running challenge, and I put 28 miles on it within a 24-hour period, and it performed very well. As stated with previous models from the brand I was continuously dealing with pain in my legs and feet, with the Cloudsurfer I didn’t feel that. The looks of the shoe speak for themselves, that is one thing that the ON brand does well. Even though this is designed with speed in mind, the mesh upper is not thin and super stretchy as many shoes designed for that are. There is a two-layer system used with this shoe. The Cloudsurfer did run a tad shorter, and I would recommend sizing a ½ size up to provide enough room for comfort.

The Midsole

Using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technology, ON determined the optimal midsole structure. Not only leading to a new dimension of soft cushioning…but also enabling a seamless weight transfer from heel to toe because more comfort means more FUN ON THE RUN. CloudTec Phase for even softer landings and an ever-so-smooth ride.

To enhance the CloudTec® sensation, we left nothing up to chance. Cutting-edge FEA-technology (Finite Element Analysis) enabled us to create a sequentially collapsing midsole. This way, CloudTec Phase™ can make your run even smoother. Cloud by Cloud.

Who Is This Shoe Good For?

I would recommend this shoe to anyone who is looking for an everyday trainer or race day shoe due to the lightweight feel and speedy design. There isn’t much support inside of the shoe, so this would be great for anyone who needs a neutral shoe with minimal support and doesn’t like their foot to feel constricted. Due to the lack of outsole protection, I would recommend this for training on the track or road races. It is a great shoe to race 5k’s and half marathons in, and if you are used to little cushioning and support could be used for a marathon.

Who Is This Shoe NOT Good For?

I would not recommend this shoe to someone who needs support in their shoe at all, this is a true neutral shoe. This isn’t the shoe for someone who is looking for a lot of cushion during their runs. If you are a heel striker I would advise against this shoe, due to the bouncy unstable design in the heel of the shoe, it could easily throw you off balance. Lastly, if you are a trail runner or do any off road running I would not recommend this shoe. I did minimal off road running in it, and due to the terrain and lack of support in the shoe and lack of durable outsole it wouldn’t be a good fit long distance.

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $159.95
• Drop 7 mm
• Weight:  10.1 oz  (M) 9.7 oz (W)
• Category: Neutral

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