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HOKA Gaviota 4

The Gaviota line of shoes continue into version 4. Hoka has taken the world by storm. Hoka is known primarily for their beefed up midsoles and metarocker (bow-shaped) bottoms. The Gaviota line is intended to be used by runners that overpronate or want a shoe that they feel extra secure in. Gaviota translates to Seagull in Spanish. Hoka’s slogan is “Time to Fly”. The goal of Hoka shoes is to make you feel relaxed and light through your running and walking. This shoe is also APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved, which means it was reviewed and found to be beneficial for foot health. To find out if this particular model will work for you please come in for a fitting and one of our Guru’s will make sure it is right for you. Below we will get more into the nitty-gritty of the Gaviota 4!

What Changed??

From the Gaviota 3 to 4 we saw no changes in the sole of the shoe but enhanced the upper. The heel collar has been reinforced for better protection and a more secure fit. The tongue has also been updated with more cushion to prevent any digging or rubbing on the top of the foot. The gusset (stitching) of the tongue was also updated to remove any additional chafing and stretch over the top of the foot.

Review: Running in this Shoe:

This shoe has become a staple for my easy running days. I am a severe overpronator and having a shoe that is built to withstand my overpronation makes my runs that much easier. The Gaviota’s reinforced heel collar keeps me stable up top while their J-Frame technology helps me underfoot stay upright when my feet begin to roll in. The late stage meta-rocker allows me to roll through the gait cycle smoother and support the front of my foot. I tend to wear a lot of racing-type shoes and get a decent amount of forefoot pain, so the Gaviota helps protect my forefoot from over-extending my toes.

I have ran on a variety of surfaces. My favorite surface to run on with the Gaviota would be concrete or asphalt. There is so much cushioning that it makes running on these harder surfaces much easier. I have also tested it on crushed gravel surfaces and the rubber placement still provides great traction on that surface. If you are looking to soften up your everyday runs, then this is the shoe for you!

Who should wear this shoe?

Men's HOKA Gaviota 4 can be purchased in KC

Any overpronator should be able to wear this shoe. It is dense and durable enough to walk in but still
light enough to go for easy runs in. If you are looking for the ultimate recovery shoe then look no further
than the Gaviota 4. I have loved this shoe because once I am done running my legs feel fresh. It is a bit
heavier due to the density of cushion, so you work slightly harder from step-to-step, but the reward is
that the foam absorbs most of your downward impact from step-to-step. I would also recommend this
as a great walking shoe for anyone that over-pronates or has a flat foot.

Who should NOT wear this shoe?

I would not recommend this shoe to someone that is a neutral-type runner (does NOT overpronate) or looking for an extremely responsive shoe. If you are neutral then this shoe has a lot of additional features that are not necessarily made for your gait. If you are neutral but want a similar experience within the Hoka line I would point you towards the Bondi instead. I would also say if you are looking for a shoe that is a bit lighter and you can go faster in then I would recommend the Hoka Arahi. The Arahi is still stable like the Gaviota but comes in at a much lighter weight and feels easier to run faster in.

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $169.95
• Weight:  11.4 oz  (M) 9.3 oz (W)
• Drop:  5mm
• Category:  Stability 


HOKA Gaviota can be purchased at TRWS in Kansas City

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Not certain if this shoe is right for you?

We understand!  There are a lot of options of footwear on the market and deciding what model is the right model for your needs is not easy.  We are here for you! You can come into one of our three locations (Lee’s Summit, Northland and Mission, KS) for a free stride analysis. No appointment is necessary, but if you would like to schedule an appointment, click here.  We take in-person and virtual fittings.  Want to do research online?  We have a find my fit tool that will help you narrow down footwear options.  We hope to hear from you soon!