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The Bondi is Hoka’s flagship shoe that revolutionized the max-cushion running shoe market. Hoka’s Bondi is updated every two years, and the Bondi 7 proved to be a favorite to many runners as a recovery run shoe or for ultra training. In addition to running, the Bondi is a favorite for anyone who works on their feet for long hours. While all of this is still true for the Bondi 8, a few upgrades make the Bondi 8 a successful upgrade: 

  • A more stylish mid-sole that looks less bulky and proves to be more resilient in terms of energy return and overall wear
  • A wider forefoot crash pad that should provide better wear for runners who supinate and more support for all runners
  • An improved upper—better breathability and fewer overlays
  • A less bulky heel counter that locks in the fit
  • An improved partially-affixed tongue
Bondi 8 can be purchased at TWRS in KC

During my trial of the Bondi 8, I found it has a true fit and does not feel as bulky as previous models. The upper has improved performance and aesthetics. I appreciated its smooth ride compared to previous models. All Hoka running shoes have a meta rocker to encourage forward motion, but the Bondi’s was toned down compared to other Hoka models. Version eight’s meta rocker is more on par with other Hoka models, making it feel snappier without hindering the cushion people love. Loyal Hoka Bondi wearers will not be disappointed by the new style and improved performance of the Bondi 8!

Why do I love the Hoka Bondi?

Over the years, I ran thousands of miles! Unfortunately, I had a significant knee injury that required removing my medial meniscus. The constant grinding of my knee caused me to seek max-cushion to lessen the damage of weight-bearing activities. The Bondi is my go-to shoe for walking, occasional running, or long days at cross-country or track-and-field meets. Even though it is a neutral shoe, the Bondi 8 offers ample support for wearers with moderate pronation.

Who should consider it?

Women's HOKA Bondi 8 can be bought in KC

While version eight is better suited for daily running than its predecessors, it is still a lot to carry mile after mile. If you are wearing the Bondi and running fast, you are a strong athlete who puts in tons of miles. A novice runner will find the Bondi to be less responsive and more work compared to a Hoka Clifton or Rincon. Walkers will love the Bondi 8 because it has a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Plus, it’s just comfortable! That’s why people love this shoe when they put it on for the first time. The support and the pillow-like cushion are hard to beat. 

Who This Shoe Is Not For:

 For a fitness runner or an athlete who is trying to beat a personal record.  There are snappier shoes that will allow you to quicken your stride.  

Now for the SPECS:

  • • Price: $164.95
    • Weight:  10.8 oz  (M);  8.9 oz (W)
    • Drop:  4mm
    • Category:  Guidance

    • Use: Run/Walk/Work

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HOKA Bondi 8 Review

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Barry Road Fit Guru Tim Chambers

Tim is a cross-country and track and field coach at Liberty North High School. Before teaching and coaching, he ran cross country and track-and-field at the University of Missouri—Kansas City, 1994-99. Whether a running newbie or enthusiast, Tim wants to share his experiences to help our clients stay healthy and enjoy the sport. Tim works at the Barry Road location.




Not certain if this shoe is right for you?

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