Finding “THE RIGHT” running bra!!

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It’s FeBRAuary and we want to help:

Finding and investing in a good comfortable running bra is just as important as any other clothing item you choose for any physical activity. You will find that the comfort, quality, durability, and sweat wicking abilities of a good sports bra makes it worth every penny. My personal favorites are the Brooks Dare Zip and the Under Armour Mid Cross Bras and here is why:

Brooks Dare Zip Run Bra

Brooks Dare Zip Run Bra can be found in KC at Th Running Well Store.

The Brooks Dare Zip Run Bra is the most comfortable bra I own. I wear this bra for any long workout, hike or run. Its seamless, moisture wicking material and tailored fit keeps me feeling dry, free and supported where I most need whether I walk, run or HIIT. Its wide integrated bottom band keeps everything in place and prevents any chaffing my stubborn fat rolls may want to cause. A bonus feature is that it zips on and off. No struggling to get on or off! It even has a little security hook if you fear the girls will bust out, which I’ve never had to use, the zipper has always stayed in place. I can’t say enough great things about the Dare Zips, there is no other bra that feels second nature, care-free, confident and ready.

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Under Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra

Under Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra can be purchased at The Running Well Store in KC.

The Under Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra is my favorite everyday workout bra because it is supportive,lightweight & made with sweat wicking material. Its keyhole back design makes my shoulders and back look strong, sleek and badass! It is easy to put on and pull off with removable pads that stay in the bra when washed.Surprise! If one does happen to come out the R & L arrows help me place them back in the right place.

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How to Determine “the RIGHT” one:

  1.  Fit: Make sure your sports bra fits snug but not tight or too restricting. You should be able to fit 1-2 fingers between shoulders and bra straps and feel comfortable and secure but still allow freedom of movement. The same goes for the space between your lower chest band and body. You want to feel comfortable, secure and have a fit that will minimize too much up and down movement. Any wrinkles on the cup area or anywhere else indicate the cup or size may be too big. I strongly recommend getting fitted at your local Running Well Store to help answer any questions and determine which bra best suits you.
  2.  Activity: One type of bra may not do all depending on the activity you engage in. I like to wear a low impact sports bra when I practice yoga or go on long walks with my dog. For high intensity workouts (weight training, HITT, running) I use higher impact sports bras that save me from excessive chest bounce and movement.
  3.  Quality: Higher quality sports bras usually mean better soft, airy, and wicking materials used. Pay close attention to assure tight stitching (no loose threads), and no bulky seams. Bras should always feel naturally  soft, fluid, and smooth, not scratchy. Check the bands to make sure it gives you the support you need. The stretchier it is, the less supportive it’s going to be. Plan on replacing your sports bra every 8 months, depending on how much you use them and wash them. You might tell that it’s time to replace them as they start to lose elasticity and become less supportive.


Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra:

Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra can be purchased in Kansas City.

Another great versatile sports bra is the Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra has adjustable back straps which you can wear scoop back or crossback. This bra provides compression where you most need it to adapt to your activities.

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Best Sports Bras for Running:

You can purchase the Brooks Dare Crossback at The Running Well Store.
Brooks Dare Racerback Run Bra can be bought at The Running Well Store.
  • Brooks Dare Crossback and Racerback Run Bras gives you a more personalized, secure and supported fit. You choose the type of back you like. Both bras feel smooth, airy and breathable. 

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Brooks Dare Scoopback Run Bra 2.0


  • Brooks Scoopback 2.0 fits like a glove, adjustable straps that hook in place, very supportive and comfortable. 

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Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra can be bought at The Running Well Store.


Brooks Drive 3-Pocket: You want pockets? You got them with this gem. Run carefree and stow away anything from your phone, money, key.

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