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TRWS GURU’s Favorite Running Route

Meet Mary, The Running Well Store Guru from our Barry Road location, and learn more about where she loves to run and why?

You Need to Run “Northtown”!!

The last 5 or 6 weeks, I’ve talked to so many runners at the Barry Road store who run solely on treadmills. Treadmills are great option for a number of reasons – icy or snowy weather, extreme heat, accommodating a changing work schedule or running alone for solitude or safety. I 100% get it – I only ran on treadmills when I started and couldn’t imagine running outside at that time. These days, running outside is pretty much all I do. Thanks to loads of local races, a run club and assorted running buddies, I’ve run all over Kansas City and have been fortunate to see so much of this beautiful city on foot. Kansas City running offers a wide variety of terrain and sights – hills, trails, neighborhoods, city parks and lakes – if you’re willing to travel, it’s worth it!

One of my favorite running routes right now is North Kansas City. I’m talking about the little gem of an area just over the Missouri River, north of downtown Kansas City. With plenty of sidewalks and side streets, North KC is “Flatty-McFlatterson” in terms of the elevation and a perfect terrain for a beginning walker or runner.

Why this route is a favorite!

Macken Park, just off of Howell Street, has a nicely paved 1 mile path that might be your walk or run or could be the start (or finish) to a run. The neighborhoods just to the west of Macken Park offer street lights, lots of nice shade in the summer and fun holiday decorations in the winter. Howell Street (south) takes you past the North KC High School, onto the Iron District and past ROKC Climbing Gym. Parking at the YMCA is another great option to explore Armour Road and areas in between as you make your way over to Swift Street. If a longer distance and more challenge is what you’re looking for, park on Swift, head down to 9th Street and head west to the Heart of America Bridge. (Burlington Ave) The mile-ish trip south into Downtown KC is a pretty decent and steady climb that will definitely provide a solid hill workout. (I’ve heard a fair amount of cussing on this bridge…..some of that could have come from me 🙂 ) Once you’ve arrived in downtown KC, there’s plenty to see and more hilly opportunities in downtown, Columbus Park or the River Market.  Another great upside to walking or running in North KC are the many restaurants and local breweries to visit after you’ve finished your morning or evening run.  First Watch,  Hawaiian Brothers,  Chicken-n-PickleCinder Block BreweryScimeca’s Deli and the Iron District are just some to consider.

Go check out North Kansas City running – whether you’re traditionally a treadmill runner, just getting started or an experienced runner – I think you’ll love it here.

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Barry Road TRWS Fit Guru Mary Nacrelli



Mary has been running since her early 20s and began long distance running about 20 years ago. She joined the The Barry Road Running Well Store team in 2015, working part time with our fantastic Northland customers!








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