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TRWS GURU’s Favorite Running Route

Meet Ken, The Running Well Store Guru from our Mission location, and learn more about where his favorite running route is in Kansas City and why?

The trail at Cedar Niles Park in Olathe is my favorite place to get my running workouts logged. The park is new this year having opened this past Spring. The trail has a little over 4 miles total of paved trail. However, I usually run the 3 miles from the trailhead at 119th to the 135th Street access point. The part of the trail that runs from 119th to the trailhead at 127th is one mile uphill if you want a challenge. 

If you prefer single track dirt trails, 127th and Clare Rd is where you can access the Columbine single track trail. This is an easy to medium difficulty track that is great when I want a day to give my legs a different kind of workout. Mountain bikers seem drawn to this trail so be alert when running this trail. 

Why this route is a favorite!

This is my favorite place to run because I can do all kinds of workouts on this trail. I’ve done easy runs, tempo runs, fartleks, and hill repeats. With it only being 6 miles total out and back, I do my long runs elsewhere. However if they connect this trail to Lake Olathe it will become my go to spot for those long runs. 

Secondly, since this is a new trail the traffic has been minimal when I have run. Most of the people are out for a morning walk. 

Finally, I’d say 90 percent of the trail is shaded in the morning. And this time of year I appreciate all the shade I can get. Having Cedar Niles Park close to home makes getting out in the heat much easier.

Locate The Route

Cedar Niles Park trail map



Check out Kens’s favorite running route! Enjoy & Run Well!





Mission TRWS Fit Guru Ken Bolt

Ken began his running journey six years ago after his daughter asked him to do a 5k with her. Since then Ken has completed 3 marathons and numerous half marathons, 10k’s, and 5k’s. He has worked at our Mission store since the summer of 2020. Ken enjoys working with all our customers from the veterans to those just starting their running journey.








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