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TRWS GURU’s Favorite Running Route

Meet Angie, The Running Well Store Guru from our Barry Road location, and learn more about where her favorite running route is in Kansas City and why?

Mill Creek Streamway is one of my favorite places to run, walk, and explore! It is 13 plus miles north to south with a handful of trails that branch off along the way. The northern portion of the trail starts near the Kansas river in Shawnee at Stump park and the southern end of the trail goes down through Olathe. There is so much to do and see along this trail that you could never get bored.

Why this route is a favorite!

If you are like me, I can’t run the same exact path over and over without getting in my head. I have to switch it up, start at different points and change up my turn around spots often to keep my mind on point. With around 8 official access points, you can create multiple different routes to keep the scenery
different for all your outings. My favorite trailhead is at 87th and woodland just south of Shawnee Mission Park. This path has a cute little play ground and parking is right off the trail. For my long runs I will take advantage of the easy access to my car and start out by running some of my miles north, turn around to run back to the car for an aid station break so I don’t have to carry a pack and then continue on south for another run in of the same fashion. There are plenty of stops with bathrooms and water fountains if you prefer taking a bottle or hydration pack to refill along the way. Also, this path is very popular with bikers and I have noticed a bike station at a few of the trail heads.

If you love encountering wild life on your outings this route has you covered. This summer I have seen turtles, a lot of different birds, rabbits, of course lots of squirrels, and a group of adorable baby geese! Every now and then you will see a deer close to the trail and I will warn that snakes sometimes slither across the path!

The cherry on top for this running route is Shawnee Mission Park. It is right at the half way point of this trail and provides access to some awesome hiking trails. I am newer to trail racing this year and enjoy switching out paved trails to go play in the dirt and trees! Shawnee Mission Park has trails on the north side of the lake that are for mountain bikers and people on foot and then they have less aggressive trails on the south side of the lake that mountain bikes are not allowed on. After a nice run I enjoy popping over to one of these areas to hike through nature and cool down. There  is also a dog park with a beach so if you run with your fur babies this would be a great spot to let them chill and play in the water after a run or walk.

Locate The Route

Mill Creek Streamway Park can be located in the greater Kansas City area.



Check out Angie’s favorite running route! Enjoy & Run Well!





About TRWS GURU Angie
Barry Road TRWS Fit Guru Angie Carpenter

Angie Carpenter picked up the love for running in September of 2020. During this time she has completed a hand full of 5ks and two half marathons. Angie enjoys hiking and trail running. She has completed three trail races so far this year and just started training for her first 50k! Angie started working at The Running Well Store on Barry Road in March of 2022. She  loves getting to know her clients and helping them find the prefect shoe to fit their needs and goals! Between running on the trails and working at TRWS, Angie has her own cleaning business. Angie’s Dust Bunny Cleaning. Need a cleaning: reach out at [email protected]








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