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TRWS GURU’s Favorite Running Route

Meet Brian, The Running Well Store Guru from our Lee’s Summit location, and learn more about where he loves to run and why?

Brian’s favorite running route is the Indian Creek Trail. Quivira Park, located at 119th and Quivira is a great starting spot for it. From there you can run either north or south. Personally, I really enjoy running the southern part of it as it takes you past Olathe East high school after 3 miles. What’s refreshing about the trail is the peacefulness of it. For much of the journey, you are free from the noisy cars. However, you do need to make certain you are on your side of the trail as cyclists trying to break the sound barrier have limited maneuverability around the corners. The fall and spring are the best times to hit this trail as you get to see the leaves fall and come back to life and are almost always on both sides of you. During the summer, this is a great benefit as it provides plenty of shade on those grueling days. If you’re an early morning riser and want to beat the heat, 6 AM is the perfect time to knock it out as the mornings can be as cool as 55 degrees before boiling you alive when the sun really comes out. After 4 more miles you will pass Mid-American Nazarine University on 143rd and S Murlen street and then shortly later Olathe South high school on 151st street. From there I usually turn around making it a 14-mile day. In total, the trail spans 26 miles, giving runners great flexibility for starting and ending points. Every year, the Gobbler Grind Marathon enters the Indian Creek Trail and features a bulk of the distance because of its great ability to treat runners to a good time.

Why this route is a favorite!

Along with all of the reasons above as to why this route is a favorite there are a lot of other great things about it. The Indian Creek Trail is paved, approximately 10 feet wide, with mile markers every half-mile. Overall it is level and flat, with elevation gains or hills for short sections in some places. Several community parks go by along the trail. A few spots have some steep hills, and some low spots may be flooded or muddy in wet conditions. Pretty elaborate Historical Waymarkers are installed every few miles along the trail.

Indian Creek Greenway is highly popular and used by walkers, runners, and cyclists. It connects up with two other beautiful trails – Blue River Greenway and Tomahawk Creek Greenway. Several stopping points near the creek or ponds, and the path is wide enough for multiple people and traffic both ways. You can watch the stream run beneath bridges, rise with spring rain, freeze in winter. You’ll catch deer often of a morning or around dusk. You’ll see evidence of beavers successful at their work: felled trees along the stream; an occasional red fox; and often the calls of a pair of resident owls that rule to sky. This trail is a valuable asset in Overland Park.

Go check out this great trail in Overland Park, Kansas – whether you’re traditionally a treadmill runner, just getting started or an experienced runner – I think you’ll love it here.

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Favorite Running Route Indian Creek




Check out Brian’s favorite running route: Indian Creek Trail! Enjoy & Run Well!




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Lee's Summit TRWS Fit Guru Brian Newkirk


About me: I graduated from Emporia State University and ran cross country and track and field as well. I first got into running when I was immediately cut from the Olathe East soccer team but still wanted to pursue the dream of being a jock. So I tried out for the no-cut cross country team. From there I spent my first two years as a valuable asset to the C-Team while playing in creeks and walking instead of running at practice. My junior year all my friends quit and I decided to see what I could do with my athletic career. I was quickly moved up to JV. Finally as a senior in high school I made the varsity team as the number 7 runner. By the end of the season I was our number 2 finisher at State. After having ran for a total of 12 years, I have touched just about every running trail in the Overland Park area.








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