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TRWS GURU’s Favorite Running Route

Meet Greg, The Running Well Store Guru from our Barry Road location, and learn more about where he loves to run and why?

When I was tasked to write this blog I had to ask myself – favorite running trail?  Or most used? The answer is, both.

I have lived in the northland of Kansas City for 32 years running (pun intended) and, all in all, love it up here. It’s been home.

I have, over that time, run many streets, trails, and roads however, I would have to say, without a doubt, my heart goes to English Landing Park.

Why this route is a favorite!

Here are some of the “why’s” behind it.

First and foremost, it is where I found my love for running again since I ran competitively in high school and college.  I took a long time off. I didn’t realize how much I missed it, even though I’m a fraction of what I running wise 40 some odd years ago.  It’s been a godsend.

Second, it is close to where I live, often times just walking down to ELP on a Saturday morning or after work. It’s easy to get to.  An added bonus is being able to meet with friends at the The Parkville Coffeehouse after for a cup of coffee or tea. This had become a nice social event and favorite meeting spot.

Third, its safe. I have never encountered issues with vandalism or just feeling unsafe, no matter the time of day.

From a technical standpoint, it’s not difficult. Crushed rock on packed earth, even in the wettest conditions it very doable. The total mileage of the loop starting from the park sign at The Farmers Market winding around the perimeter is approximately 4.2 miles and is, for all intended purposes, flat.  Not many areas in the KC region can claim that distinction.  Perfect for any type of run, eg. intervals, fartleks, LSD’s or just going for a walk, it’s amendable for all levels of runners. For more difficulty I add running up Main Street (uphill all the way) then cut back to West Street then FF Hiway, which adds another approximate 1+ miles to the route. Or, for variety, cut over to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary for a little trail running, (which is another local favorite of mine) which can add another mile or, 2.3 if you take the steeper and longer route, which also has more technicality to it.

Recently, an added feature is the long anticipated connector to the Missouri Riverfront trailhead which takes you up on the Missouri river levee and to points beyond, including Line Creek.

Other amenities to English Landing Park include a new wetland cul-de-sac inlet, disc golf, picnic areas, dog runs, pickleball courts and playgrounds for the kids. And from time to time bald eagles!.

The Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays – right next to English Landing Park, is great if you need to pick up some fresh baked goods, fruits and vegetables after your run or walk spring to fall.

Its great spot, I would encourage anyone to try ELP for a run or leisurely stroll as it’s truly a gem.

Happy running!

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Check out Greg’s English Landing Park favorite running route: Enjoy and Run Well!




About TRWS GURU Greg
Barry Road TRWS Fit Guru Greg Goertzen



Greg is an avid runner, therapist and advocate for healthy living. He has worked in sports medicine and rehabilitation for 32+ years and is also a sales associate for The Running Well Store, Barry Road location.











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