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TRWS GURU’s Favorite Running Route(S)

Meet Bryant The Running Well Store Guru from our Barry Road location, and learn more about where his favorite running route is in Kansas City and why?

This is the third blog that I have written for TRWS, and I must say this is the most difficult one yet. It is almost impossible to pick my favorite running route in the metro. Kansas City is such a great city to run in, after all, Kansas City is For Runners.

Why these route(S) are fav(S)!!

I’m not great at following the rules, and quite honestly, I just have to tell you all about my two favorite places to run in this beautiful town. First, I’m going to take you to the Kansas side of the state line and talk about running on dirt. Even if trail running isn’t your thing, it’s still worth the read to learn about a gem by The Legends, Wyandotte County Lake Park, or better known as WYCO.

WYCO is a trail runner and mountain bikers’ paradise right here in the metro area. WYCO is a great place for a family hike, picnic, kayaking adventure. Check out this link to see all that the lake area has to offer! WYCO Lake Official Website 

There are two main ways to run at Wyco. The first, and most popular is “The Bridle Loop.” A ten mile extremely hilly, and fairly technical trail that goes around the perimeter of the lake. Be warned, this trail is not for a “newbie” trail runner. The loop has over 1,300 feet of elevation gain and about the same amount of descending as well. You can check out the trail here: Bridle Loop All Trails Link

The trail is fairly easy to navigate as there aren’t many offshoots anywhere. That being said, there are multiple places that you have to hop out of the timber and enter then re-enter the trail in a different location. It can be fairly tricky to find those re-entry locations. I suggest going with a running buddy who knows there way around the bridle for your first time! The best way to access the trail is to start at the main shelter house, Shelter House 2. There you will find a large parking area, indoor bathrooms, and a play area! 

Another great place to run at WYCO is on the miles and miles of mountain bike trails. These trails wind and climb on both sides of the dam, along the northeast and northwest side of the lake. These trails are not near as technical as the Bridle Loop and much more newbie friendly. It’s also fair to say that these trails are very hiker friendly as well, but be cautious of the mountain bikers! 

Here is a link to the Mountain Bike Trails: WYCO Mountain Bike Trails. As you can see, these trails go back and forth, and wind around and around. I highly recommend taking your phone with you to make sure you make it back to your car! Speaking of car, the most popular place to park to access these trails are at Shelter House 14 on the west side of the lake. 

I get it! You don’t run on the trails, don’t worry. I have my favorite road running route as well, and this one is easy for me. It has to be the Harry Wiggins’ Trolley Track Trail, better known as “The Trolley” that runs directly through the heart of our city.  The Trolley, from the north side, starts at on the south side of The Plaza at the corner of Brookside Blvd. and MLK Jr. Drive. The 7-mile crushed gravel trails run south along Brookside Blvd and Wornall Rd until it turns east at 85th St and ultimately ending near the corner of 85th and prospect Ave. Quite honestly, I have spent most of my time on the trolley north of 75th. 

So why is the Trolley so great? The list is long as to why I love running on this trail so much. First off, the crushed gravel is a great running surface. I enjoy the softer feel underfoot and I love the lower impact on my legs, a must when you are putting in high mileage! Also, the trail runs at a slight incline from the north end trail head to 75th St which gives you just over 3 miles of climbing. The trail goes downhill from 75th St at a pretty steady clip. I have always felt the elevation changes on The Trolley make it a great place for some tempo work! Water fountains line the trail from end to end, it’s pretty easy to go out for a long run sans water on this great trail! Lastly, access to the trail is so easy, as well, there are plenty of free parking lots all along the trail. 

You also can’t discount the beautiful sights up and down the trolley, either. Running through the historic Brookside and Waldo neighborhoods lets you see some of the coolest homes that KC has to offer. Also, when you get done running you can stop for a quick bite to eat or drink and the various restaurants that line the Trolley Track Trail

Quite honestly, you can’t go wrong with wherever you pick to run in Kansas City, but if you haven’t checked out Wyandotte County Lake or The Trolley Track Trail, I suggest you give them a shot, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Locate The Route (WYCO Lake Bridle Trail)

Wyandotte County Lake Trail Bridle Route



Check out Bryant’s favorite running route! Enjoy & Run Well!



Locate The Route (Trolley Track Route)

The Trolley Trail Run is a great road route in the beautiful Brookside area.



Check out Bryant’s favorite running route! Enjoy & Run Well!



About TRWS GURU Bryant
Barry Road TRWS Fit Guru Bryant Kurtz

Bryant entered the running scene in the fall of 2019 and quickly developed a devoted passion for the sport. Over the past three years he has completed five marathons, four half-marathons, and numerous 5k and 10k races. Bryant trains with KC Endurance, owned by Jeremy and Jessica Hammer. He also enjoys the trail racing scene, completing two 50k’s, and covered 55 miles during a 12 hour timed trail race. Bryant began working at the Barry Road location in April of 2021. What he enjoys most about his job is sharing his passion for running, and helping others reach their goals.








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