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Diadora Mythos Blueshield Vigore:


The LOW down:

The Diadore Vigore takes on mainstays in the stability shoe category, and takes their best shot at denting into the category.  The previous stability shoe in Diadora’s lineup, the Mythos Blueshield Elite TRX 2, was heftier and stiffer than the new Vigore.  The Vigore is a shoe that will provide softer cushioning than is typically given in stability shoes to consumers.  The cushioning used in the Vigore is provided by Diadora’s new DD Anima technology, which helps Diadora provide softer, plushier cushioning in their new line-up.  The shoe uses a CCB medial stabilizer to help pronators land in a more neutral position, part of the overall TRX support system in the shoe.  Notably, it does give less support than the Elite TRX 2 shoe, which was highly supportive, but less geared towards runners and more towards walkers.

Opinion on the GOOD:

The first good thing about the shoe is that is looks cool. I know; who buys a running shoe to look cool? Well….actually, a lot of people. The shoe is something I would wear in the summer with khaki shorts to get the whole “Dad shoe” look.  They also look good on a run and stand out from other running shoes.  Now, that we have the way the shoes look out of the way, which is often people’s first concern with shoes, we can move on to the other good things about shoes.  The shoes are very well cushioned, which is not always the case in stability shoes.  So well cushioned when I took my first step, I said, “oh wow,” at how soft they were.  They have a good bounce to them as well because of that cushioning.  I felt cushioning throughout the run, which made for a comfortable one.  This is also good for soreness, as the extra cushion will be easier on your muscles and wear them down less quickly.

The good cushioning is not just under the foot, it is on the heel as well.  The back of the shoes is super padded and comfortable, as is the tongue.  Diadora did not skimp on cushioning in this shoe, and it makes for a comfortable feeling shoe.  It also has a good arch support, however it did not seem to hit my arches right, particularly in my right foot.  So, this could be a good or a bad thing, as not all feet are the same.  If the arch support does hit your foot right it is a very nice feature to have.  Many people that need a stability shoe need a good arch support because they usually have flatter feet, as the low arch increases changes of pronating.

Opinion on the BAD:

As previously mentioned, the arch support didn’t seem to hit my foot right. I can only speak to my experience, so for me this goes under the bad category for the shoe. My feet are highly sensitive and need good arch support, so the bottom of my right foot did hurt periodically throughout the run. Another bad thing I felt about the shoe was that it did not prevent overcorrection at all. I do not feel like the shoe had a feature to prevent counteracting the pronation too drastically. I felt like I was landing on the outside of my foot more than I ever do with a shoe with a good guide rail on the outside of it. Therefore, I feel like the shoe is more of a guidance shoe than a stability one, at least for me. The stability in the shoe seemed to be weaker than it is in other brands’ stability shoes.

At $170 this could be considered a bad thing about the shoe. It’s very expensive, much more so than many stability shoes which are in the $130-140 range. However, with the increased cushion and the visual appeal of the shoes, consumers may be more willing to purchase the shoe. I feel like a $150 price tag for the shoe would make it an easy sell for a lot of customers

Who Is This Shoe Good For?

Mythos Blueshield Vigore reivew


The Vigore will work for a lot of consumers. Runners who are looking for a well
cushioned stability shoe should definitely try the Vigore, as the cushioning is much plusher than many of the competitors in the sector. Runners 35 years old and over may be more geared towards the Vigore, as runners usually want more cushion as they age. The shoe is also good for walkers who want a fashion forward walking shoe, or a comfortable one to wear around town. This shoe is also good for anyone that doesn’t need a super stable stability shoe. The Vigore does
not have the most stabilizing features on the market. Lastly, it could also be good for someone who pronates so badly they don’t have a fear of being overcorrected.


Who Is This Shoe NOT Good For?

The shoe is not good for supinators (those who land on the outside of their feet). This is also not a good shoe for those who get too overcorrected by the shoe, and end up landing on the outside of their foot when landing in it. It is not the best option for younger runners either, who do not need a lot of cushion when they run. There is a lot of cushion, and for those under 20 this much cushion is probably not needed or they may be stuck requiring that much cushion in their running shoes for the rest of their lives. Once you get a lot of cushion it’s hard to go back. This shoe is also not good for those consumers where the arch hits them wrong in the shoe. The arch hit me wrong, and if this is the case for you reading this, I suggest an alternative shoe. However, overall the Vigore will work for a lot of people, as it is a great stability shoe that offers a softer cushioning than much of the competition.


• Price: $169.95
• Drop (10 mm)
• Weight: 9.3 oz Women’s/11.8 oz Men’s
• Midsole: DD Animan foam
• Category: Stability

Shop Diadora Mythos Blueshield Vigore

Shop Diadora Mythos Blueshield Vigore

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