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The time has finally arrived!  After a long winter of #SupplyChainIssues we finally have the Brooks Glycerin in stock!  The Brooks Glycerin 19 has been sold out just about everywhere for months.  The Brooks Glycerin 20 was supposed to launch in March but was delayed until July of 2022 which only exasperated the demand for this hard-to-find shoe.  We were shocked when they showed up at our door three months late, but one month earlier than expected. One thing is for certain, Glycerin fans are going to be thrilled!

What’s Hot?

Brooks Glycerin 20 in Kansas City

Everyone who loved the Glycerin 19 is going to thoroughly enjoy the Brooks Glycerin 20 – it got a major upgrade. The big news in this model is the nitrogen infused midsole.  “Ok, so what does that even mean?”

Basically, nitrogen infusion takes the base characteristics of a foam and amplifies them.  Brooks introduced this technology in the Hyperion Tempo and the Aurora BL, which were designed for athletes with speed. With the launch of nitrogen in the Brooks Glycerin they are taking that experience to everyday running.

Essentially, Brooks has turned to nitrogen for their extremely plush cushioning under foot. This process does not sacrifice weight and will allow the shoe to react to your unique stride.

The Upper

Brooks Running really wanted to make sure they dialed in that upper for a great fit.  You cannot have a great transition and truly enjoy the soft responsiveness of the nitrogen infused midsole if the fit isn’t right.  The Brooks Glycerin 20 is constructed with a plush and breathable engineered mesh.  This secures the shoe in place but allows the shoe to be lightweight and not too hot.



Also Worth Noting:

The Brooks Glycerin 20 has a nitrogen infused midsole

You should not get the Glycerin 20 and the Glycerin GTS 20 mixed up, they are different shoes.  The “GTS” in all of Brooks footwear lines means “Go To Support”.  The GTS are “guiderails” intended to help you should you need a little support in the shoe.  Knowing what category of shoe (Neutral, Guidance or Stability) is crucial to a perfect fit.  You can take part in our online shoe fitter tool or schedule an appointment to have one of our fit GURUS get you in the perfect shoe for your biomechanics.

The Road Test

I was luckily gifted a pair of Brooks Glycerin 20s in Chicago at a running event.  This is the second shoe review I have tested out outside of my native city.  In that regard if you are worrying about not getting lost and not about the shoe, it is certainly a great sign of a good run!  For the Glycerin I have ran three times, all between 3-5 miles.

The Review

This shoe is going to completely kill it for the walkers and workers who want a plush shoe that cradles their foot and feels good from 8am to 8pm (I am looking at you nurses!). It is plush and feels great right out of the box. The upper gives great room for the feet to swell through the day.

For runners I think this will be a long mile shoe or a recovery shoe, which has always been where the Brooks Glycerin wins.  While the shoe felt phenomenal it was not as bouncy soft as other are in the category. However, I will say, those bouncy shoes in the category tend to come with a good amount of aesthetic “bulk”.  The Glycerin 20 is soft and plush, albeit not as plush as some, but looks like a traditional running shoe.

I think that Brooks could dial in the transition a bit more.  They widened the last of the shoe, I would imagine adding more foam, but it doesn’t roll, rock or bounce into the toe off quit like I’d like to see.

The price is going to be tough, with this update the Glycerin goes from $150 to $160.  To be honest, all our shoes are taking a price increase given current times.  At The Running Well Store, we are working hard to make sure our customer also has options in the $100-$120 price range.  If you want to get a shoe that is a good fit for you and keep cost in mind, do not hesitate to reach out to a GURU, we are here to help!

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $159.95
• Drop 10mm
• Weight: 8.9 oz Women’s/10.1 oz Men’s
• Midsole: DNA LOFT V3
• Category:  Neutral Plus
• Upper: Engineered mesh that provides excellent breathability, and a plush tongue


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Kathy started running in 2005 after getting her first corporate job past college and gaining weight.  Her admin at the time suggested she run her first 5k,  which Kathy trained for 10 months in preparation.  Having a career in advertising and traveling frequently, Kathy discovered that running was a great way to stay fit and see all the cities she was visiting.  Kathy loves destination races having traveled as far as Australia for a marathon, and locally Chicago, New Jersey, Arizona and pictured here at her half Ironman in Indiana.



Not certain if this shoe is right for you?

We understand!  There are a lot of options of footwear on the market and deciding what model is the right model for your needs is not easy.  We are here for you! You can come into one of our three locations (Lee’s Summit, Northland and Mission, KS) for a free stride analysis. No appointment is necessary, but if you would like to schedule an appointment, click here.  We take in-person and virtual fittings.  Want to do research online?  We have a find my fit tool that will help you narrow down footwear options.  We hope to hear from you soon!