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A Stability Shoe

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 White

The Adrenaline GTS series has been a long running, top selling stability shoe in the Brooks line. If you see the letter’s “GTS” in any Brooks shoe it stands for “Go-To-Support.” GTS for Brooks Running means the use of medial and lateral “GuideRails”.   GuideRails are essentially walls of foam from the medial side of the shoe and the lateral side shoes towards the rear that guide the foot.  These walls are like bumper rails in a bowling alley in that they get you running in the correct motion, a gentle nudge back to center should you need it. This Go To Support is great for people who need stability or those who are neutral but may need some stability in their longer runs.


What are the big updates?


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 in Men's and Women's

The big update on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 from the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is that the midsole is now one continuous piece of DNA loft foam.  DNA Loft is a combination of EVA, rubber and air to create the brooks cushioning system.  The DNA Loft is not overly mushy or soft, but allows for great impact protection.

Another big update is that the upper on the Brooks Adrenaline 22 now has Fit Print. Fit Print is essentially printed overlays on the upper that allow for more flexibility.  The breathability remains average for the engineered mesh from the Brooks line.  The new upper is less complicated and lighter, providing a more secure rear foot hold and a slightly more performance style fit.

The outsole has some big changes as you get some extra rubber through the flex grooves that stiffen up the shoe and allows for a snappier transition. This change comes from input that the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 was a little too flexible. When you look at the bottom of the shoe the rubber looks the same, however there are actually two different types of rubber underfoot. The rubber at the heal is carbon infused which is a more durable rubber and the rubber at the forefoot is a much softer rubber.  This is the same construct as the Brooks Ghost, and there is some input about the forefoot rubber not holding up as well.

Some of the smaller changes in the new Brooks Adrenaline 22 are that the shoe is about .2oz lighter, which is so small most people will not notice the change.  The new Adrenaline has flat laces, vs the round laces in the previous model. According to Brooks running the flat laces allow for better lock down due to more surface area on the laces.

How Does it Feel? 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

When you step into the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 you can expect to feel a very comfortable and traditional trainer.  I really like that the heel counter is sturdy, padded and well constructed.  The tongue is gusseted with an average amount of padding that makes the shoe laces lock down comfortably.

Overall the Brooks Adrenaline 22 has a high drop with a slightly softer heal and more responsive forefoot.  This is a solid trainer for daily miles, recovery runs and some upbeat tempo runs.




Now, for the opinion part

I think Brooks Running has taken consumer input and created a fantastic version of their workhorse shoe, the Adrenaline.   With the Adrenaline 22, Brooks may have achieved the balance between the GuideRails and the sole transition. While the 12mm drop is a bit high, I do not think the heel drop should be changed as the higher drop will still work for a wide variety of runners and walkers.


Who Is This Shoe Good For?

The great thing about the Brooks Adrenaline is that it is a great option for a wide range of runners.  And with all the sizes, width and color options out there, it can fit just about anyone.  This shoe is ideal for someone looking for a moderate stability shoe for daily training, walking and some easy miles. With the 12mm drop, those who have tight calves or don’t like the less severe drop may really enjoy this shoe.


Who Is This Shoe NOT Good For?

This shoe does have a high drop with 12mm. So if you are someone who doesn’t like a high drop shoe you may want to look at another stability trainer. This is a nice shoe that works for just about anything you want it to do, however it isn’t exciting.  There are models available that have bouncier foams and snappier rides.  Brands are creating some unique shoes that have some fun and exciting elements, the Brooks Adrenaline is not one of them. This is a steady workhorse trainer that can’t go wrong.

The Specifics

• Price: $139.95
• Stack: 36 mm / 24 mm
• Drop (12mm)
• Weight: 10.2 oz / 289 g
• Upper: Engineered Mesh
• Midsole: DNA Loft

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Not certain if this shoe is right for you?

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