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Altra Torin 7

Intro to Altra:

Anyone who’s familiar with Altra, feel free to skip down to the review. If you’ve never heard of Altra before, this section is for you! First, their big advantage over other brands is the toe box. While not a “wide” shoe, the toe box is shaped more like the average foot (ie, more squared off rather than tapering to a point in the center). The reason for this is allowing your toes to splay naturally. They also have ‘Balanced Cushioning’ which refers to the lack of elevating the heel above the forefoot. Almost every other major running shoe brand will have an elevated heel, often referred to as “drop” or “offset.” The advantage of running in a shoe with zero offset is it encourages a more natural gait cycle (landing full footed rather than heel striking). These two technologies in combination create a running experience that is supposed to feel as if the shoe is providing some support, cushion, and protection from the elements without interfering with our natural anatomy.


Altra Torin 7 can be purchased at TRWS in Mission.

The Torin 7 is a high cushion everyday road shoe. While not intended for any technical trails, it would probably hold up well on soft dirt trails and light gravel. The Torin uses the Standard foot shape which is in the center of the 3 types of shapes that Altra offers (Original shape being the widest/most shapely toe box and the slim shape being the most shaved off/narrow). The upper is composed of an engineered mesh, which is a common material assembly in running shoes today. This will balance keeping the shoe breathable and protecting and securing the foot. I did find that my feet were getting a little warmer than they do in some of my other shoes, but with these summer temperatures I suppose it’s hard to avoid no matter what. If breathability is of major concern, then I would pay close attention to that, but if shoes ripping apart is normally an issue I would predict these hold up well.

What’s New?

The updates to the Torin took all the good things from the sixth version and improved on the areas that weren’t so good. First, for everyone who had the previous version and are itching to hear about the tongue, it’s fixed! Completely redesigned to be soft and unnoticed. The new molded heel collar provides a more secure fit without adding any bulk to the overall feel. The design of the shoe itself has been reworked quite a bit. Sometimes Altra could struggle with making attractive looking shoes, but I find the silhouette and color options in the Torin 7 make it accessible to most everybody!

What I like!

I was worried the added cushion was going to be a step too far, most shoes have gotten much softer in the last few years and running on a memory foam bed isn’t always the answer for a more enjoyable workout. I was pleasantly surprised to find the added 2mm of cushion didn’t enter the territory of too soft. They are noticeably not as responsive as the previous Torin, but they stayed within an acceptable threshold for all of us non-professional folks who want a great do-it-all shoe. The fit is tremendously improved over the Torin 6. I still sized up a half size, as I do in almost every running shoe. If that’s what you typically do as well, I would plan to do the same in the Torin 7.

Who Is This Shoe Good For?

Any neutral runner training for any distance would find this a great addition to a cycle of shoes or even a primary trainer. In theory, shoes that encourage us to run more naturally without any of the drawbacks of a true minimalist shoe should be good for most all of us.

Who Is This Shoe NOT Good For?

If you struggle with tendinitis, avoid Altra for the moment. All their current shoes have zero drop which can aggravate any kind of injury that involves the Achilles tendon. Runners who are looking for a fast shoe to do speed workouts or are trying to PR in a race would want to avoid this, the Torin being much more of an everyday ‘work horse’ shoe.

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $149.95
• Drop:  0mm
• Weight:  9.8 oz  (M) 8.1 oz (W)
• Stack Height:  30mm
• Category: Neutral
• Upper: Engineered Mesh
• Cushion Type:  Max

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