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Altra Torin 6

The Torin 6 is a max cushion neutral trainer, with a stack height of 28mm, it’s one the most cushioned trainers on the market.  The Altra family is famous for a couple of things, 1) The “0” offset (the offset is the difference between the stack height of the heel to the forefoot). The stack height of the Torin is the same  heel to toe so the person wearing the shoe has the natural barefoot feel.  Other traditional running shoes have a bit of a pitch which gives the runner a ramp feel.  2) The foot shaped toe box.  The Torin is not the widest toe box in the family but it is wide enough for the average foot to have the ability to spread and wiggle the toes. The Escalante 3 will have a wider box than the Torin 6.

What Changed?

The Torin 6 first and foremost improved the dreaded tongue that was in the generation 5.  The tongue in the 5 drove at least 20% of the Torin population nuts, it cut some people.  I sold the shoe eyes wide open, told customers they could cut a little oval in the tongue, wear a band-aid or just higher socks.  Which at that price point you should not worry about your shoe causing cosmetic damage to your body.  

Altra Torin 6 has a new tongue
Altra Torin 6 can be found at The Running Well Store in KC

The other change in this shoe is the heel compartment.  It is now more molded with a heel bed.  The last version had a wider compartment and did cause some slipping in the shoe. 

I noticed that the lace lock eyelet is gone as well or moved it a bit toward the top of the shoe. 

Shoe Tests:

I tested the Torin 6 in three ways, first, in the gym, second,  treadmill, third,  road test and a ½ mile walk.  The way a shoe performs in all four is important to me as I split my time doing all four as part of the daily routine.

The gym test

The Altra Torin regardless of generation has been a reliable gym shoe.  The foot shaped box is ideal for the dynamic movements in the gym and gives you a great base because it feels like you have more foot on the floor.  Orange Theory and Cross Fit people should have this shoe in their toolbox.  Whether you are hopping boxes, jumprope, squats or coming down off the pull up bar you will notice a difference between this shoe and others with more of a traditional fit.  I love the Torin in the gym and the version 6 is no different. 

the treadmill test

After working out in the gym I took the 6 for a mile run on the treadmill.  Not all shoes are good on this device, like the Hoka Bondi is not a good treadmill shoe. The Torin 6 held up great to the even pace of the treadmill  through the duration of the run.

the road test

After the treadmill I hopped off and went outside to give it a mile on the road.  Right this is Missouri so we have to worry about going up and down hills and this is where I have not gotten along with the Torin in the past.  This version did well going down hills controlling speed taking pressure off the quads.  Going up still not my favorite, my stride and the shoe just do not mesh with the grind up our hilly KC roads.  In straight roadways (way less of that around these parts) it performed well, smooth transition and enough cushion to keep my old knees happy. Also felt a fair amount of energy return as I dabbled with high and low paces. 

the walking test

Purposely went out on the road farther so I could walk the last ½ mile in the shoe to see how it performed.  The Torin is still one of the most comfortable day to day shoes on the running market. Nice cushion with enough room to give amble blood flow to the feet and toes. It just keeps you going,  you will tire before your feet do for sure.

Who should wear this shoe?


People with medium to high arches will find this shoe comfortable.  If you are having tingling sensations or numbing toes this toe box will allow for greater circulation and make your foot more comfortable.  People with neuropathy will find this shoe useful.  Runners who want to stack the miles would love this shoe, the zero offset allowing for a natural stretch of the back of the leg will aid in recovery.  ALL GYM goers should be wearing this shoe if for nothing else. 

Who this shoe is not for?

If you have a narrow foot or just don’t like a lot of room in your toe box this is not the shoe for you.  Also I am firmly a size 12.5, the shoe I tested was a size 13 and it was a bit on the short side.  Obviously a size 14 would have been too much.  If you are a bigger size this may be a problem.  Please check sizing before ordering this shoe online (side note: never order a shoe online). 


I love this shoe, I’ve worn it most days since the test.  Like most Altra’s I get along great with it.  It is a high cushion trainer, but it has many other uses. And I don’t care what anyone says. I believe it to be a great looking shoe regardless of color.  I own several Torins, Paradigms and Superiors but my next Altra purchase will be a Lone Peak when we get some in  inventory.  Thanks for reading the review!!!!

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $149.95
• Weight: 9.9 oz  (M) 8.3 oz (W)
• Stack height: 28mm (heel); 28mm (forefoot)
• Category: Neutral
Midsole: Altra EGO™ MAX
• Outsole: FootPod
• Upper: Jacquard Knit Mesh


Altra Torin 6


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