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Altra Lone Peak 6…It’s Like the 5 ONLY BETTER!

Altra Lone Peak 6


Most runners know the disheartening feeling of putting on the new version of a classic shoe they enjoy and not liking it. This is something that I commonly see at The Running Well Store; A long time customer comes in and puts on the updated version of a shoe they have been wearing for a while and they end up walking out of the store with something completely different. This scenario is not the case with the new Altra Lone Peak 6. The Lone Peak 6 is everything the Lone Peak 5 was with some much needed, but minor updates that make this shoe perform at a much higher level.

What Stayed the Same?

Altra Lone Peak 6 tread

Of course you can still expect the neutral cushioning, (also known as “zero drop”) and roomy foot shaped toe box that the Altra brand is famous for in the Lone Peak but the classic components of this shoe are still the same, especially underfoot. The sole is identical in both versions of the shoes with the deep MaxTrac lugs that grip on any surface that I’ve thrown at it. The sole performs great on rocky, muddy, rooty, hilly, curvy, wet, dry, you name the terrain and the sole of the Lone Peak is going to stick to it. I really enjoy the lower stack height of only 25mm which is great for runners like me who seem to kick almost every rock there is on the trail. I still really enjoy the wide base under foot in the Lone Peak, I have always felt really stable on less than ideal terrain with this shoe. 

The Altra EGO midsole cushioning also did not change with the updated LP6 either. While some runners aren’t as sold on the midsole material in the Lone Peak I couldn’t disagree more. The midsole is a great combination of cushioning and responsiveness. I still feel the ground plenty with this shoe, which is important for me on the trail but I felt the shoe had plenty of cushioning to run in for eight straight hours. For me the sole, midsole, wide base, and lower than average stack height make the Lone Peak a great all-around trail shoe for the runner who doesn’t want to purchase more than one trail shoe. The dropped weight also makes the new Lone Peak 6 a little easier to pick up the pace, more on that below.

What Changed?

Altra changed some of the upper overlays without getting rid of the important rock plate for runners like me who don’t pick up their feet well. These changes in overlays and a slightly different, but still very breathable and comfortable engineered upper material dropped the weight of the new Lone Peak from 11.1 ounces to 10.6 ounces for the men and from 9.2 ounces to 8.6 ounces for ladies. The shoe absolutely feels lighter on foot. The dropped weight and already lower profile to this shoe makes it a feasible race shoe, even for lower mileage, faster paced trail races. While the upper material did change a little, one important component of the upper did not change. The Lone Peak 6 still drains moisture just as well as previous versions of this shoe; a major positive for any trail shoe.

Altra Lone Peak 6 lacing

The biggest and in my opinion most important change on the new Lone Peak 6 is one tiny little, additional eyelet located right in the midfoot area. This additional eyelet as seen from the photos allows the wearer to truly customize the lacing in order to improve the lockdown of the shoe. I think I laced the new LP6 five different ways when I put them on for the first time. When I wore this shoe for 40 miles over a variety of difficult terrain my feet did not slip at all, the lockdown felt secure the entire time.

In Conclusion:

As I said before, the Lone Peak 6 is a great shoe for anyone who only wants to purchase one trail shoe, but this shoe is definitely for more than just trail runners. While the lugs on this shoe will stick to almost any terrain they don’t feel awkward on the road either making it a great shoe for a mixed surface run. The Lone Peak also performs great in wintery conditions which is so important for runners like me who almost refuse to put in treadmill miles. Some people are slightly critical of how cold the shoe can feel in the winter because of its breathability but for me that problem is solved with a good pair of Smartwool socks, that you can also pick up at TRWS (in person or shop online). Much like previous versions, I expect the newest model of the Lone Peak to be a workhouse. Even with my insanely high cadence I expect to get at least 400 miles out of these great shoes. Altra did a great job making some very minor, but much needed improvements, that really enhance the performance of their classic trail shoe.

The Stats:

  • Weight: 10.6 oz / 300 g (Men’s)
  • Weight: 8.7 oz/ 248 g (Women’s)
  • Midsole: Altra EGO™
  • Outsole: MaxTrac™
  • Cushion: Moderate
  • Stack Height: 25 mm
  • Upper: Quick-Dry Air Mesh


Altra Running Lone Peak 6


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