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More Grippy & Less Slippy! The new & improved Lone Peak 7!

What’s New?

Altra Lone Peak 7


Wow, that traction! Altra updated the MaxTrac outsole with a new multidirectional and aggressive lug pattern that provides a noticeable increase in traction, as well as durability. I feel that I experienced this most on the downhill sections of trail as well as across the normally slippery bridge on the Parkville Nature Sanctuary trail.  The first day I took them out for a run was muddy and I had no issue gaining traction when I needed it the most. The added StoneGuard plate provided increased protection compared to version 6 but I also still felt the connection to the trail underfoot. The upper is a new seamless quick-dry mesh design with an added external TPU heel clip which allows for a supportive fit in the heel without forcing your foot in a certain direction.

The Fit & Feel

Altra Lone Peak 7 is a great trail shoe.

I feel that the Lone Peak runs long.  I normally wear a 9.5 and have worn a size 9 in both V6 and V7.  The toe box seems to have more room in the V7.  I have a narrow foot and find that this shoe still feels comfortable and secure.  Having that extra space in the toe box really allows your toes to function properly, providing more stability on the uneven surface of trails.  This killer trail shoe is cushy and comfy thanks to Altra’s EGO foam midsole.  The balanced cushioning technology aligns your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground allowing for a natural feel and function.


First Day Wearing:

Altra Lone Peak 7

Before taking the shoes out for a run or hike I decided to wear them while running errands.  This is a trail shoe and made with rugged trail adventures in mind but I have had a few clients over the last year purchase the lone peak as a daily shoe.  I figured, why not see what this is all about before getting them covered in mud!  I traveled to a few grocery stores, filled up the tank, and aired up my tires.  They were so comfortable I forgot I was wearing a shoe designed for the trails!

First Run

Ok, errands completed it was time to get dirty!  Immediately I noticed a more cushioned feel with softer landings.  V6 you can really feel the ground and larger rocks/roots.  This shoe still has minimal cushion but the combination of the Altra EGO foam midsole and StoneGuard plate makes it slightly more enjoyable, in my opinion.  My first run was at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary.  If you have ever been there you know about the bridge that is normally quite slippery!  I always walk this bridge but thought, hey let’s give these a go!  The more abundant and aggressive lugs were impressive!  No slippage and I felt confident in my footing.  Throughout the remainder of my run, uphill traction felt similar to V6 and downhill traction felt improved.  With all that extra grip I felt like a cheetah zooming through the trees!

Water Wear

Altra Lone Peak 7

Last summer I used version 6 for the 10-mile NightHawk trail race at Clinton Lake.  If you have been on these trails you know that there is a creek crossing.  I charged right through the water in V6 soaking my feet and socks.  After about five minutes I no longer noticed water in my shoes.  I have been unable to take version 7 through a creek crossing at this time, so I performed an at-home water test between version 6 and 7.  While wearing version 6 on one foot and version 7 on the other we poured water all over the shoes.  It took about 30 seconds for me to notice moisture on the foot wearing V6, whereas I never noticed any moisture on the foot wearing V7.  After removing the shoes and checking my socks, V6 was noticeable wet while my other sock was not.  I will not say that this shoe is waterproof, but it kept my foot drier than V6.  After reading a few reviews from other runners, it seems that they are also noticing that the layered upper mesh is providing improved protection against light moisture.  Outside of the new colorways, this is probably my favorite feature in the new version!

Who is this shoe good for??

This shoe is great for all who are looking to hit the trails or even to wear as a rugged everyday shoe.  If you are looking for a wider toe box, natural footing feel, and great traction this is the shoe for you.

Who is this shoe not good for??

I feel that this shoe is a great overall shoe and could work for most people. If you tend to have Achilles tendon or calf issues it is a shoe I would recommend easing into due to the zero drop. I would also not recommend this if you are only a roadrunner, MEEP MEEP.

Now for the SPECS:

• Price: $149.95
• Drop: 0mm
• Weight: 9.2 oz Women’s/11 oz Men’s
• Category:  Neutral
• Surface: Trail


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Men's and Women's Lone Peak 7 can be found in Kansas City.

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Bonus Information: The Lone Peak earned the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance, which is give to shoes that promote good foot health.

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