GURU TIP:  New upper for a lockdown better than the Chiefs Defense 

TECH TIP:   Enter the Mizuno Wave Inspire 20: a stability shoe that doesn’t sacrifice weight for comfort. Strap these bad boys on for a ride that’s smoother than a buttered banana peel on an ice rink! With Mizuno’s Wave Plate the Inspire 20 provides stability perfect for overpronators. Featuring a new secure upper it’s as breezy as a gossiping squirrel, keeping your feet cool from a temperature and looks standpoint.  Packed with Enerzy foam, the Inspire gives you more bounce than a lowrider showing off its hydraulics on a Saturday night cruise. Ideal for overpronators seeking support, the Inspire 20 is a great versatile option for all uses.

BUY THIS SHOE IF...  you’re inspired to have jack of all trade’s stability shoe

DON’T BUY THIS SHOE IF… you wear the Wave Rider

Product Details
  • Weight: 10.8
  • Drop: 12mm
  • Use: Run/Walk/Work
  • Category: Guidance
  • Surface: Road

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