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Mizuno Neo Vista Review

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Mizuno Neo Vista Review

Welcome to the Mizuno Neo Vista review as Mizuno enters  the “Super Trainer” game!  But before we go into depth, what is a super trainer? A super trainer is a shoe with a high stack of premium responsive foam and often a plate for daily training, workouts, and even races. These running focused shoes  are truly jack of all trades made for all types of runners. You may be thinking “How does this vary from a racing shoe?” Well I’m glad you asked! Most racing shoes are going to have a lighter upper, aggressive geometry, and pinnacle of foam. Super trainers are a dialed back version of these shoes, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a competitive edge. They’re great options for people who may not be in the elite category but want an elite feeling, a more durable shoe,  not wanting to eclipse the $200, and/or if you just want a fun and frisky shoe!

What I like!

Mizuno Men's Neo Vista

Before I get into details of the shoe, I need to preface. I LOVE shoes. (Like own 100+ pairs kinda love) And WOW I LOVE this shoe. I haven’t experienced a plate quite like this wave plate. Plates are often in shoes to keep the squishy high stack shoes stable, and it’s no exception in this case. At slower paces the plate seems to be flexible and disappear underfoot, but at an uptempo effort the plate helps propel you forward with each stride, The combo of the wave plate and the smooth speed assist geometry excels at all paces. They provide a gentle tide underfoot at slower paces but roar responsiveness when the pace is picked up.

The ENERZY NXT provides an excellent squish with the rebound capabilities of Dennis Rodman. The initial step in feel worried me as I thought it may be too squishy and sloppy, but the second I started running I was proved wrong. I love a soft spongy shoe, like the New Balance 1080v13 and found this to be an excellent companion. In summary, Academy Award nominated Stanley Tucci may be the only thing more versatile than the Neo Vista.

The Upper

Knit uppers in shoes are very hit or miss. With most brands swinging under .200, the Neo Vista is a home run. I have a narrow foot and have to pull the laces a little tight but I have had zero issues with pressure from the laces or slippage. The heel collar does come up higher than most shoes, but Mizuno really thought it through as the soft material hasn’t rubbed one bit.  I have friends with wider feet that  love the knit upper on the Vista as it doesn’t squeeze their feet like the narrow fit like most super trainers.

I’ve taken this shoe on long runs, out for recovery, general mileage, and various workouts and it has just been phenomenal. It’s soft when I want it to be, yet responsive with just the right amount of squish at uptempo paces. The Neo Vista will continue to have a spot in my rotation and I bet it could go anywhere in yours.

Who Is This Shoe Good For?

Kansas City's Mizuno Neo VistaThis is maybe one of the most versatile shoes on the market. Its ability to cruise on easy days and kick you into that extra gear on fast days means the Neo Vista can fill nearly any void in your rotation. I would recommend this shoe for someone looking to mix a shoe into their rotation for long runs, workouts, or even race days. While not as aggressive as the Rebellion Flash or Pro, the Neo Vista is perfect for those wanting a smoother ride and/or those who may not get the benefits of the “elite” shoes but still want to feel elite. Additionally, If you run in the New Balance Supercomp trainer, Kinvara Pro, or Mach X I think you would love this shoe. Bottom line if you’re looking for a versatile shoe in your rotation you’re going to L-O-V-E LOVE this shoe.



Who Is This Shoe NOT Good For?


Mizuno Neo Vista Running ShoeThe Neo Vista is a running focused shoe. The high stack open and channel could be unstable for any lateral movement i.e. hiit, pickleball, etc. The great thing about this shoe is that you don’t have to categorize yourself as an elite or competitive runner to reap the benefits, but if you’re looking for a walking shoe/everyday wear shoe I would look into the new Wave Rider 28 or Inspire 20. And maybe you are elite or just generally competitive, The Neo Vista is great for your training runs, but if you want a more race focused shoe I’d check out the Wave Rebellion Flash 2 or Pro. Or other options we offer i.e. Endorphin Pro 4 or Metaspeed Sky Paris.

Now for the SPECS:

Run in the Mizuno Neo Vista Super Shoe


  • Price: $179.95
  • Drop  8m
  • 4 oz (Men’s 9)/ 7.8oz (Women’s 8)
  • 5mm Heel/36.5mm Forefoot
  • Knit Upper
  • MIZUNO WAVE® plate
  • Smooth Speed Assist

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Mizuno Neo Vista Running Shoe


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Mizuno Neo Vista

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