AVID RUNNER | 2020 Gift Giving Guide


Is your loved one an avid runner? Do they have more race day tee-shirts than dress up clothes?  Do they go to bed at 8am on Friday night to get a long run in first thing Saturday morning?  These runners love the latest and greatest gadgets as well as restocking on the basic necessities (like socks!).  Here are a couple of gift giving ideas to make you a gift giving hero.

Hypervolt is precession therapy for sore muscles. The hypervolt will make you your runner’s favorite person on this planet, maybe this solar system!  The hypervolt is a precession recovery tool that pinpoints those sore spots to aid in blood flow.  If it looks familiar, that is because Patrick Mahomes is part owner in the company and it is often used on the Kansas City Chief’s sidelines.  Shop Hypervolt Here.


Handheld hydration for runners

Thosoe long weekend runs are often accompanied with a hydration system.  The Running Well Store carries a variety of ways to carry hydration from strapping it to your hand, to wearing it on your back to hoisting on a belt.  Shop hand-held hydration here.


TRWS gift cards can be used online and in-store Not certain what to get your favorite runner?  No worries!  The Running Well Store sells gift cards in just about any amount and they can be used online or in-store! Shop Gift Cards Here!



Foam rollers make excellent giftsFoam rolling is important for runners, walkers and athletes to stay injury free. Foam rolling helps decompress and relax those stiff muscles.  From the hips, to the calf, to the glutes, foam rolling releases tense trigger points that are built up in the fascia. Plus, it helps with increasing circulation and helps prepare the body for movement. Shop Foam Roller Here



Garmin 245 will make any runner's face light up on Christmas morning.Is it time to upgrade your favorite runner’s technology game?  The Forerunner 245 can come with or without music and will help your loved one stay on track.  With a built in Garmin Coach, wrist based heart rate monitor, running dynamics and much more, your favorite runner can hit their goals and watch their progress. Shop All Forerunners
Balega Hidden Comfort Running socks prevent blistersBlisters are the arch enemy of runners and great pair of running socks helps prevent them.  The Balega hidden comfort is a soft sock that will feel great from mile 1 to mile 26.2 so that your favorite athlete can focus on the event. Shop Hidden Comfort.


Aftershokz headphones allow you to hear cars while jamming to music Aftershokz has bone conducting technology so the sound coming from the headphones does not cover up the sound from the road.  As you can see from the picture, the headphone does not cover the ear!  These headphones are great so runners can be alert of their surroundings. See what else The Running Well Store offersShop Aftershokz Here.