Gift Ideas for Runners Guide

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Welcome to the 2022 Gift IDEAS for runners guide!

In this Gift Ideas for Runners Guide you will find multiple categories of gift giving ideas with the most affordable being the item on the left, and  the priciest on the right.  We try to combine a wide range of prices, ideas and options to help with your gift shopping this holiday season.

Stocking Stuffers

First ideas out of Santa’s sack are all the simple things every runner enjoys!  Goodr shades, and our new Sayso Shades are $25-$30. Either one of these items are a great pricing option for simple stocking stuffers.  Did your athlete finish a milestone event like their first 5k or complete a full marathon?  Magnets, stickers, and ornaments are a great way to commemorate the occasion.  Lastly, you cannot pass up great socks.

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Gift Ideas For Runners: Hydration

As athletes start to cover more ground they start to think about hydration, making this category a great ‘go to’ for our Gift Ideas for Runners Guide.  Handhelds are a great option for a quick liquid reboot, the hydration belt starts to help with carrying more water and some supplements like GU or Spring Nutrition.  The Hydration vest is great for runners training for longer distances or for individuals who enjoy long hikes on the summer trails.

Handheld        Hydration Belt      Hydration Vest


Gift Ideas For Runners: Visibility

One of the best gift ideas for runners is to keep them safe as the sun sets earlier.  It does not matter if you are shopping for a runner, dog walker, or casual walker, it is important they are seen with shorter daylight.  At The Running Well Store, we make sure to carry a wide variety of visibility options. TRWS has options from a light that clips to your hat,  your person, or reflectivity vests. We also carry flashlights designed for runners, and light up vests too.

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Recovery Items Gift Ideas For Runners in Kansas City

As your favorite runner or walker starts to cover more ground, what becomes more important is the time between the runs, or walks.  These recovery devices will help relax the body and prepare for your favorite runner’s next event!

Massage Ball       OOFOS Sandals    R8 Roller


Gift Giving Ideas for runners: headphones

Shokz headphones have an innovative technology that is a game changer for runners.  These headphones do not go inside your ear canal, yet you can still hear the music perfectly clear.  When using any of the Shokz headphones you can hear traffic noises or the biker on the trail that yells “on your left” while still absorbing your favorite podcast or rock anthem.

Open Move      OpenRun      OpenRun Mini    OpenRun Pro


Gift Ideas For Runners: Garmin Running Watches

The best gift giving idea for runners, walkers, joggers…anyone with an active lifestyle is a Garmin watch! You would be a gift giving hero.  The Forerunner 55 is the entry level version but don’t be fooled, it packs way more punch for data than any iWatch will.  The Forerunner 955 is the Cadillac of the Forerunners with a great battery life and just as many features as the Fenix.

Forerunner 55       Forerunner 255      Forerunner 955     All Garmin


Gift Giving Guide For Runners: Hypervolt

Recovery is the gift giving idea that keeps on giving, and giving and giving.  In fact, when you give a loved one a recovery item you give yourself the joy when you borrow it!  The foam roller is a clutch item for any distance as it is the best way to work out IT Band Syndrome (Runner’s Knee) and our top product to help plantar fasciitis.  Hypervolt items are percussion therapy, which is a targeted massage to a specific area.  These feel so incredibly good, and bonus, they are part owned by one of KC’s very  own Patrick Mahomes.

Foam Roller       Hypervolt Go       Hypervolt Plus


Time is the most precious thing you can give your favorite athlete.  It wouldn’t be the best Gift Ideas for Runners Guide if we did not include our local favorite race.  Sign your family up for the Trolley Run Walk and spend time together creating memories, investing in your health and supporting a great area cause.