Asics GT 2000 V9 Review

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Asics Gel 2000 V9 Review

First, I want to say that I personally have really enjoyed running in this shoe. The Asics 2000 V9 is a contented yet enduring stability shoe. After running in this shoe for about two weeks I quickly noticed just how enjoyable they were and how much better my feet felt in them. As an average mile runner this shoe felt like it was giving me just the right amount of cushion that I needed. I have always had issues with my Achilles, and it was always hard for me to find a shoe that could actually release some of that tension while running. However, I can confidently say that I have found a shoe that truly does just that.


Small Changes

Although the Asics 2000 8 is a great shoe, they certainly made some favorable and constructive benefits to the 2000 9. First, the new version is slightly lighter, and they changed the outward appearance by toning down some colors. Nevertheless, if you enjoyed the GT-2000 8 there is no question that you won’t feel the same about the GT-2000 9.


The Upper

The upper consists of a breathable mesh that is seamless around the toe box and midfoot. Indeed, this is very helpful because there should be no feelings of irritation nor tightness. The flexible upper allows for anyone’s foot shape to sit comfortably within the shoe. Moreover, the toe box is more on the narrow side. In fact, this statement is true regarding most of Asics shoes. Personally, my foot is neither narrow or wide and I find that my foot feels comforted and I have not experienced any upper irritation. I can freely move my toes and I have had no issues lacing up.

Midsole / Cushioning

Flytefoam is the type of cushioning used throughout the midsole of the shoe. This cushioning acts to be responsive yet protected as one may go on some of those longer runs. Gel cushioning is found near the forefoot and heel areas. This gel cushioning is more absorbent, and counter acts the firmness of the flytefoam. Furthermore, the stability in the shoe is provided from their Dynamic DuoMax. This type of denser foam runs along the medial side of the foot and is great for protecting the shoe as it undergoes mileage that can later result some pretty heavy wear. Lastly, the GT-2000 9 also has what’s called the Guidance Trusstic System. This plastic piece lays across the bottom of the shoe. This lightweight but stable piece is there to hold one’s foot in place while the heel and upper foot can move more freely about.



I may be a bit bias, but this is my most favorite part about the shoe. Within the heel you will find AHAR+ which stands for Asics high abrasion rubber. This material allows the heel to be very durable. The structure of the heel consists of a snug heel cup acknowledging that the heel feels secure and in place. The extra padding around the heel gives you a more responsive feeling while exercising. Since I have suffered from Achilles tendinitis the extra supported heel is very beneficial. While I run it takes pressure off of my foot so that way, I tend to not strike the ground as hard.



The Asics GT-2000 9 is a great shoe that can be used for everyday training. Design shows that this shoe is not just comfortable but durable and has proven to be long lasting. The breathable upper is perfect for those whose feet get warm or those who like to wear thicker socks. I love the tongue of the shoe and how comfortable it is to lace them up on my feet. Additionally, those who struggle with heel/ Achilles pain can guarantee that they will find relief. The extra support throughout the midsole allows one’s arch to be supported and to feel as though their foot is secure but still able to use the ground and feel all parts of the foot being worked. I will have to say that those with wider feet/ toes may not find the Asics GT-2000 9’s the most comfortable. However, if you are looking for a fairly comfortable and reliable shoe, I would highly suggest the GT-2000 9. I can confidently say that I have greatly appreciated the way this shoe feels and forms to my feet. Overall, this is a great shoe to try and I think one will be highly satisfied.

The Specifics

Weight 7.8 oz (W), 9.9 oz (M)
Category Stability/ Guidance
Surface Typically, on Roads
Heel Drop 10 mm


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