Tailwind is meant to be an all-in-one nutrition supplement to give endurance athletes calories, hydration, and electrolytes without that dreaded gut bomb, and still taste pretty good! Just mix the powder with water and you’re good to go! Tailwind is all natural, completely organic, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and vegan to accommodate a variety of athletes. The benefit of using tailwind is not having to carry gels, chews, pills, AND water, you just have to bring your Tailwind and you’re set!   Use: Each stick is 200 calories, so just mix a full stick with 24 oz of water per hour. This of course can be adjusted based off desired taste and training plan. Tailwind recommends that the endurance athlete uses their personal hunger as a guide to dial in their calorie needs during training (the sweet spot is feeling satisfied and energetic, not hungry or full). On extremely hot days, it is important to keep the same calories, but adjust to give yourself more water. Lastly, if you are planning on pairing Tailwind with other foods (not necessary but could be a personal preference), just reduce the amount of Tailwind you take to avoiding overloading your gut.