The PRO-TEC Kinesiology tape is a breathable, water resistant tape that is made to last (and stay in place) for multiple days. The package comes with 10 pre-cut, single strips. The benefit of using strips is that they are multidirectional, so you can keep a full range of motion while maintaining a really good amount of support, that and you can use them in more than one place (compared to a compression sleeve that can only treat one area). The whole science behind the strips is that by adhering to the skin and stretching the muscles, it acts as compression wherever you want. This promotes proper blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, helps manage pain and swelling, and also adds pretty good relief for most soft tissue injuries.

Use: Effectively placing the strips works the same as if you were to use a compression sleeve. The package includes instructions on a couple different ways and ideas you can place the tape for what you need. Pro tip: YouTube is going to be your best friend if you want more instructions on how to use your tape.

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