Nuun (pronounced “noon”) was the first company to separate a traditional electrolyte supplement from carbohydrates. What you get in return is a pretty healthy, hydrating drink without all of the other sugars, calories, and other added stuff. The goal of using Nuun is simply to hydrate you while you do whatever you do! That could be marathon running, yoga, reading a book, chasing kids, hula hooping, or sitting on a couch contemplating the vastness of space! Whatever you’re doing, you need to be hydrated for it!

Nuun wants to give you a clean hydration drink that will actually work WITH your body, not make it worse with a gut bomb so they only use clean ingredients in their drinks! Certified gluten free, Kosher, Non GMO, and Vegan, Nuun was designed to be available to all types of people! There is only 1 gram of sugar per serving so when you drink it and effervescent so when you drink it you’re refreshed compared to other sports drinks that give you straight sugar.

Use: Each bottle comes with 10 tablets that are slightly perforated down the middle if you want to split the Nuun in smaller bottles. Each tablet is one serving and is ideally mixed with 16 oz. of water, but of course if you want a stronger or weaker flavor, just add more or less water. 

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