Kneed2Run was designed to alleviate pressure from heel to forefoot with its arch support. It also optimizes your heel’s natural cushioning without causing heel slippage using its heel cradle. This also makes it easy to slip into any running or walking shoe with a removeable sock liner. The insole is flexible in key movement points while you run or walk. Customers rave about the additional cushioning this insert provides to their shoe as well. These insoles are also moldable for additional comfort over time! These insoles can be tried on in-person at our Martin City or Barry Road location and available to order for pickup at any of our 4 locations or online. 

Size 4   Men’s 4-4.5           Women’s 5.5-6

Size 5   Men’s 5-5.5           Women’s 6.5-7

Size 6   Men’s 6-6.5           Women’s 7.5-8

Size 7    Men’s 7-7.5           Women’s 8.5-9

Size 8    Men’s 8-8.5           Women’s 9.5-10

Size 9    Men’s 9-9.5           Women’s 10.5-11

Size 10  Men’s 10-10.5      Women’s 11.5-12

Size 11  Men’s 11-11.5       Women’s 12.5-13

Size 12  Men’s 12-12.5

Size 13  Men’s 13-13.5

Size 14  Men’s 14-14.5