GURU TIP:  New FF BLAST PLUS foam makes you run faster than you can say FF BLAST PLUS foam 3x

TECH TIP: Oui Oui is what you’ll be saying when you’re wearing the ASICS METASPEED SKY PARIS. Coming in at a stunning 6.4 oz for a Men’s size 9, this unisex sizing racer won’t be weighing you down… unless you’re carrying an anvil to Wiley Coyote the competition, but that would be illegal and we DO NOT condone those actions. But what is legal is the 39.5mm stack height of ASICS new FF BLAST PLUS foam that is lighter, softer, and helps provide more energy savings for you to cash in when you really need it. The curved outsole design and carbon plate helps reduce fatigue while guiding your foot and propelling you forward, kind of like when you hit the boosters on mario kart but thru ought your entire run. Equipped with an ultra light MOTION WRAP 2.0 upper the wind won’t just be flowing through your hair, and a padded heel collar makes you feel snugger than a bug in rug. We can’t forget the ASICSGRIP outsole that improves durability and grip so your not skating around like Chazz Michael Michaels. The ASICS METASPEED SKY PARIS is the ultimate race shoe perfect for those wanting to take their racing to new heights or wanting to add some fun in their running rotation.

BUY THIS SHOE IF... you’re wanting a premium race day shoe

DON’T BUY THIS SHOE IF... you’re looking for a pickleball shoe

Product Details
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Drop: 5mm
  • Use: Training Category
  • Surface: Road