See where you’re going with the Swift-Clip super bright white dual high-intensity LED cap light!  It fastens directly to your cap or visor brim for ultra-minimalist visibility.  Its brilliant white LEDs will shine a light on your nightly run path to keep you from tripping over the occasional opossum.  Bonus:  they’re not just for running!  These classy clip lights also work great for close work in low light!  You know…for when you’re trying to plug in that pesky sub-woofer wire into your stereo receiver…  You’ve got 2 modes to choose from: constant beam front illumination and flashing strobe mode.  It’s ultra light (1/2 ounce)  You wouldn’t even know it’s there except you can see where you’re going!  Mount 2 lights and you get adjust your beam width that’s more powerful than most headlamps!