GURU TIP: More Altra EGO™ midsole foam = more fun

TECH TIP:  Step into the Altra Rivera 4 and giddyup! This workhorse from Altra is a great introduction to the zero drop or “balanced cushioning” crowd as it is the most similar to a traditional running shoe. With Altra’s Slim FootShape the Rivera is perfect for those craving a wider toe box to let their piggies free, but still fenced in.  The EGO™ midsole? It’s as bouncy as a House of Pain hit. The Rivera’s 4’s biggest update comes from the new upper that includes a new lacing system!!! Exciting stuff right? Well trust us, it really is the bees knees! The Altra Rivera 4 is a great versatile option for those wanting a zero drop shoe with just the right amount of cushion.

BUY THIS SHOE IF…you love to spread and wiggle your toes

DON’T BUY THIS SHOE IF…you like more cushion in the heel

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