GURU TIP:  Refined upper makes it a tried and true upgrade from the 7

TECH TIP:   Introducing the Altra Lone Peak 8: the workhorse of trail shoes! Picture this: a shoe that’s part tank, part feather. Altra’s slaps their balanced cushioning (zero-drop) platform and a spacious original FootShape Fit to keep your dogs from barking. This bad boy is tougher than a grizzly bear in a wrestling match with a mountain goat with it’s ripstop mesh upper while avoiding the heat. And hold on tight ’cause the MaxTrac outsole grips terrain like TRWS’s mascot Blue and his chew toys. With its soft yet responsive Altra EGO foam you’ll be flying through the trails like tarzan swinging on vines. Whether you’re hiking or trail running the Altra Lone Peak 8 gets you ready to tackle trails like an animal.

BUY THIS SHOE IF... you want to tackle the trails like an Oklahoma drill

DON’T BUY THIS SHOE IF… you want “hit the town” shoes

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