Pickleball Shoes Deep Dive Kansas City


Quality pickleball shoes are essential for both performance and safety on the court. They provide the necessary support, stability, and grip that players need to move quickly and change directions with confidence. High-quality shoes are designed to absorb impact and reduce the risk of injury, protecting feet, ankles, and knees from the repetitive stresses of play. Additionally, the durability of well-made pickleball shoes ensures they can withstand the unique demands of the sport, offering players better value and consistent performance over time. Investing in quality footwear can significantly enhance a player’s comfort and effectiveness, making every game more enjoyable. Let’s check out what Pickleball footwear and what accessories The Running Well Store has in stock in Kansas City!

Asics Solution Swift FF 2  

Kansas City Asics Pickleball ShoesThis is a serious court shoe able to handle the rigors of both tennis and pickleball.  This is Asics top court shoe and built for speed; a quick first step and reliable stops and changes of directions.  The outsole is made with ASICSGRIP rubber, is flexible, and made to handle multi-directional movements.  The heel, forefoot, and the toe have a new design that offers better traction than the previous model.  The midsole has TWISTRUSS technology that enables you to have better cutting and quicker transitions.  The upper is where this shoe really stands out.  It features a PU (polyurethane) covering the provides better support, flexibility, and an improved fit.  We want to caution that this shoe does run big, so make sure you try it on in the store.  The laces use DYNAWRAP which provides a better, more secure fit in the forefoot for a better feeling on quick side-to-side movements.  Helping our environment, the sock liner uses 33% less water in the dying process and helps reduce carbon emissions by about 45%, a win-win!

Available in both men’s and women’s, this is a very well-constructed court shoe!

K Swiss Pickleball Supreme Pickleball Shoes in Kansas City

This shoe is ideal for new players and seasoned veterans as well.  It is built for competitive, aggressive and powerful pickleball players.  This is a true pickleball shoe, built to be lighter and more comfortable that traditional court shoes.  The molded rubber outsole is constructed from DragGuard 7.0 for a more durable and longer shoe life.  The midsole is made with Surge 7.0 for superior energy return and the upper features Durawrap for a better fit and enhanced protection.

Available in both men’s and women’s.


K Swiss Pickleball ShoesExpress Light Pickleball

Built for the new or frequent player, this a very light and responsive shoe.  The outsole is made with Aosta rubber with Draguard technology for great wear resistance and durability.  The midsole is made with K-EVA and 180-degree Plantar Support Chassis for better stability and responsiveness while playing.  The upper is very breathable for better comfort and improved agility on the court.  Even the sock liner is customized for pickleball!


The best part of this product line is that we carry this shoe in WIDE! Both men and women can shop our standard width and wide footwear options.

Available in both men’s and women’s.


How to know which shoe is right for you?

The first consideration should always be comfort.  You will be spending a lot of time in these shoes and if something doesn’t feel right, it will affect your game.  Worry about the game, not your shoes.   Next would be level of play.  Are you going to be playing multiple times per week or a couple of times per month?  Better shoes are going to cost more money, but will last longer.  Lastly should be color.

Pickleball Insert or OrthoticAccessories for Pickleball

Well, this is the official insole of Major League Pickleball, so what else can we say!  This insole has grippers on the forefoot and heel area to keep you centered over the shoe.  It also features a solid arch support system, and extended forefoot pad for enhanced energy return and rebound.  It also features a decoupled heel for greater flexibility in athletic movements.




OS1st SocksPickleball Socks Kansas City

As a follow-up to Currex Insoles, this is the official sock of Major League Pickleball!  Well, well, well!

OS1st socks offer impact protection and blister prevention.  Made with nano-bamboo charcoal cushion in high friction areas.  They also feature cooling technologies to keep your feet cooler on hot courts and an arch band for support which also prevents shearing forces during quick movements.  A couple of other features include an anatomical correct left and right sock, and silver-ion tech for odor prevention.

Available in both men’s and women’s and in three colors.


Fun Colored Pickleball ballsSprints Pickleball Balls 

Fancy outdoor pickleball players unite!  Now you can choose from three different color balls all in one pack.  Not feeling yellow, try green.  Pickles not included.  As stated, these are 40 hole outdoor balls. Fun colored pickleball balls are harder to lose and easier to identify as your own ball!




Local Kansas City ShirtPicklecon Tee

Get ready to dill-light in style with our Picklecon Tee, the ultimate gear for pickleball enthusiasts! Made from super-soft, breathable fabric, this tee ensures you stay cool and comfortable whether you’re on the court or just hanging out with fellow pickleball fans.

Whether you’re smashing serves or cheering from the sidelines, the Picklecon Tee has a sleek design and playful grapic for a great conversation starter as you celebrate the sport you love with a splash of humor.


Sprints Pickleball Paddles 

Sprints Pickleball Paddles

Unleash your inner pickleball champion with Sprints Pickleball Paddles! Crafted for those who play hard and have fun doing it, these paddles are your ticket to dominating the court with style. Lightweight yet powerful, Sprints Paddles offer the perfect blend of speed and control, ensuring you can make every shot with finesse and flair. The ergonomic grip feels like a natural extension of your hand, making each rally a breeze.

This fun paddle has a carbon fiber face with a honeycomb core.  They also have a sweat proof stitched grip.  And last but not least, they are USAPA approved!


Sprints Pickle Peeps Hat and Visor

Sprints Pickleball Hats and Visors

Pickle Power!  Devo had energy domes, you can have Pickle Power on your noggin as well.  This hat is moisture wicking, light polyester fabric with mesh inserts to keep your head cool under pressure.  These are adjustable with a Velcro closure and machine washable, but hang to dry.


Sprints Rise and Brine Mini Towels Sprints Rise and Brine Mini Towels


Mop your brow after moping up your opponents on the court with this super absorbent towel from Sprints.  They feature a waffle knit texture and a carabiner clip and loop for hanging the towel on your bag or fence.  They measure 18” x 30”.  They are machine washable in cold water and tumble dry low.


Pickleball Car Seat ProtectorSprints Pickle Power Towel 

This combo towel and seat cover measures 62.5” x 32”.  Protect your car seat after those intense and sweaty matches.  They feature a pocket to fit over your car headrest or yoga mat, what more do you want?  Same waffle knit as the mini towel and same care instructions.





OOFOS For Pickleball Recovery Recover from pickleball with oofos

After an intense pickleball match, sliding into OOFOS recovery sandals is like treating your feet to a mini-vacation. These sandals boast OOfoam technology that absorbs 37% more impact than regular footwear, easing the strain on your feet, knees, and back. With superior arch support and cushy comfort, they transform post-game soreness into blissful relief. Plus, their design promotes natural foot movement, aiding muscle recovery and circulation. Convenient, durable, and resistant to sweat and odor, OOFOS are the perfect way to pamper your feet after dominating the court.