Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are tiny cracks in your bones that occur when overly tired muscles can no longer absorb the shock of repeated impact. When this happens, the forces are transferred to your bones, causing stress fractures. Stress fractures are most common in weight-bearing bones in the foot, shin and ankle.

Products That Help


By stabilizing the foot with an insole you can help to absorb shock within the foot and lower extremity, therefore reducing some of the stresses on the bones within the feet and lower extremity.


Make sure your shoes fit well and are appropriate for your activity. If you have flat feet, ask your doctor about arch supports for your shoes.


Compression can help increase blood flow to the area while you rest and to help when you start to introduce light exercise back into your schedule.


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Advice That Helps

Dr PeteKC North Spine and Joint North
When a stress fracture is developing, the pain will become so severe that you simply will not be able to perform your activity or sport. This is why it is not recommended that you take pain relievers or anti-inflammatories before exercise because this could mask the problem and make it considerably worse.
Dr LaurenKC North Spine and Joint
The two main reasons for stress fractures in the foot are lack of support in footwear and overtraining. These are easily prevented with proper supportive footwear and having a structured training program that includes cross-training and recovery days.
Dr JustinKC North Spine And Joint
Pretty much the best treatment for stress fractures is rest from any activity that causes pain. This can also be accomplished with abundant support around the area. With feet this can be accomplished with supportive and cushiony footwear.
Dr JordanKC North Spine And Joint
Stress fractures are sometimes diagnosed via X-ray, but most of the time they are not found until an MRI is performed.
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