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The right running apparel is essential! Make sure that it fits correctly and is the best for you!

Just as you would make sure that you are using the correct shoes, you also need to make sure that you are using the correct clothing when exercising.

Apparel is equipment and what you choose will have a drastic impact on how comfortable and effective the workout will be.  Choosing the wrong apparel equipment could make you feel like you’re going to turn into an ice cream cone on a hot summer day (You’ll MELT!).

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interior photo of the running well store in kansas city featuring men's and women's workout clothes

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Typical vocabulary used in most sports apparel are terms like “moisture wicking” and “performance”.

To break down these terms simply; these articles of clothing are made of fabrics that are mixtures of polyester and sometimes spandex. Polyester does a perfect job by distributing the sweat moisture from your body to reduce the heat on your body.  The material embedded in the clothing reduces irritation and wants to provide a smooth experience from the first rep until the last rep. These types of clothing are essential for almost any kind of workout; running, gym, sports, etc. The issue with cotton clothing is that it holds the moisture next to the body. This leaves you more susceptible to things such as blisters, irritations, and more. As the weather in Kansas City begins to heat up, making sure that you have the correct workout clothing is going to make the summer months bearable. Luckily, The Running Well Store has all the essential clothing you need.

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Ladies! Let’s talk.

A runner’s wardrobe shifts with the seasons. For frosty runs, we’ll throw on a pair of fleece tights.  For those dog days of summer runs, we will put on the most breathable tank and shorts possible – bonus points when it doesn’t stick to your sweaty skin.  But for female runners, there’s one layer that’s essential year-round; the sports bra. It’s a piece of gear that can make or break your run if the fit isn’t quite right. We have gathered the perfect selection for a wide range of ladies’ needs and their “ladies” in order for you to get the support you need.  If you are wanting more information we would love to talk in-person or over the phone, schedule a fitting!

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