Saucony Group Run Kansas City
Barry Road TRWS


Barry Road TRWS
6040 NW Barry Road


Feb 28 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
One of the best running shoes is hosting a free demo run at The Running Well Store!  Come test run (or walk) 3-5 miles with a demo pair of Saucony shoes.  Saucony will have several great models to try out and there is no better way than a 3-4 mile run or walk to know if you found your next favorite pair. The Group Runs at The Running Well Store are intended to be fun, relaxing and encourage you to meet other athletes.  We are "The Place For Every Pace" so it does not matter if you run, walk, jog or crawl - we welcome you! Hope to see you there for beverages and snacks post run.