on running free group run
Barry Road TRWS


Barry Road TRWS
6040 NW Barry Road


Jul 11 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
On Running Group Run | Barry Road

Come join The Running Well Store for a FREE group run!  This group run is sponsored by On Running, you know the shoes with clouds under them that you are seeing EVERYWHERE! There are some really great options to chose from like the Cloud Monster and the Cloud Go.  If you love the shoes you are currently walking or running in and do not want to test run in a pair of On Clouds, no worries!  You can still join our group run/walk.



We are The Place For Every Pace, so all ages and ability levels are welcome to join us!  We just want you to come out and have fun, move your body and connect with other people who have the same values.  We hope to see you out!