Kansas City Physical Therapist Sharon Fleming
Barry Road TRWS


Barry Road TRWS
6040 NW Barry Road


Apr 22 2023


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ask a Physical Therapist!  Take advantage of this two hour window where you can walk up and ask Sharon Fleming those burning PT-related questions that have been on your mind. Nagging knee pain when you run? Cranky foot pain when walking your dog? Shin splints that just won’t go away? Sharon will be on hand to listen to your symptoms and provide some possible solutions. There will be handouts available that will feature frequently reported conditions as seen in her running specialty PT practice, along with simple exercises to address these conditions.

The "Ask A PT" is not exclusively for runners.  We encourage anyone who has been dealing with a nagging injury that has kept you back from being as active as you’d like to come and “ask the PT”! See what solutions may be available to get you back to moving well again!