Footwear is the foundation to your day.

As we help our clients who work at Ford, or are on their feet all day as nurses we understand the importance to proper footwear for back pain. If the back pain is due to your foot function, shoes with orthotic insoles that provide good arch support can prevent over pronation and can help align your legs and back properly. Shoes with good cushioning properties can reduce the impacts on the body and back when the foot hits the ground during walking and running.

Products That Help


Orthotics support the arch helping align your back, knees and ankles. We have several great over the counter options between $40-55 and come with 100 day satisfaction guarantee!


At The Running Well Store we specialize in a Stride Analysis which matches your biomechanics to the proper shoe. The Stride Analysis is free and you do not need an appointment!


Often times we have clients visit our stores because their doctor told them to work on their core strength. Our Pro Tech Resistance Bands have many exercises that are great to help strengthen under developed core muscles preventing future pain.


Addaday Marble Muscle Massager mimics techniques used by physical therapists to speed up muscle recovery.


The foam roller is great for the upper back! With your body weight on top of the foam roller it will help release tight mulches and relax the upper back.


Stretching and core strength are single handedly the best two approaches at preventing and resolving tight muscles.


Elasto Gel is a great cool / heat pack that can help calm your muscles and reduce swelling. This is an item we have carried since 2006 because of how many doctor referrals come for the product!


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Advice That Helps

Dr PeteKC North Spine and Joint North
Lack of hip mobility is a big risk factor for developing back pain. Your hips are supposed to be very mobile, but if they start to stiffen with sitting or overtraining, then your back muscles and joints will compensate.
Dr LaurenKC North Spine and Joint
Back strengthening exercises are bad for your back! Back muscles are very rarely weak because they compensate for almost all of the muscles in your hips and torso. Spend your time gaining proper mobility in the joints of the back and doing core strengthening and stability exercises.
Dr JustinKC North Spine And Joint
If you have sat all day at work, then spend an extra 5 to 10 minutes warming up in an upright position, like with walking, before doing any exercise after work.
Dr JordanKC North Spine And Joint
Yardwork, gardening, cleaning out the garage or basement and other house work can create heavy stress on the back, especially if you hit it hard for 6 to 8 hours on a Saturday. Make sure to vary up your home activities and take breaks since your back is not used to this.
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