Found your achilles heel?

Pain typically strikes where the tendon inserts at the back of the heel; where it connects to the calf; or a spot just above the bottom of the heel bone. Walking for a few minutes before you run can help fend off an Achilles attack. Strong, flexible calves also help prevent this painful injury.

Products That Help


Help circulation in the calf and foot with compression socks. Compression socks add a touch of stability while increasing blood flow to the area.


Make sure you talk to your Running Well Store Fit Guru about your achilles tendinitis as we will talk at length about the drop of the shoe to help you overcome your injury.


The calf muscle is more than likely to blame for your Achilles Tendinitis and we will recommend you foam roll to help loosen the muscles in the calf and relieve any knots.


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Advice That Helps

Dr PeteKC North Spine and Joint North
Stretching your calves can help improve your Achilles tendinitis, however, holding stretches (or “static stretching”) on tendons can be aggravating. So make sure you do repetitive, or dynamic, stretches that go into and out of a stretch repeatedly.
Dr LaurenKC North Spine and Joint
If you progress too fast from a thick-heeled shoe to a zero-drop shoe, you are at risk of developing Achilles tendinitis. Make sure you transition slowly. This also happens when going back and forth from boots or high-heels to sandals or flipflops.
Dr JustinKC North Spine And Joint
Lack of ankle stability puts a lot of stress on the Achilles tendon and can lead to tendinitis. Barefoot balance exercises are a great way to improve ankle stability.
Dr JordanKC North Spine And Joint
It is never appropriate to do calf raises as a general exercise. These greatly increase your risk for calf and Achilles tendon issues.
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