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To help with injury prevention, The Running Well Store is committed to providing YOUR perfect pair of shoes. We believe that the correct shoe fits not only your foot but also your style of walking and running. To determine your shoe for running or walking well we complete a FREE Stride Analysis.

The Stride Analysis is the best way to look at your foot, your biomechanics and decide what footwear is best for your needs.  A proper fitting pair of shoes can keep you going and help with a wide variety of issues including: Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Back Pain and foot numbness.

We offer the free stride analysis to everyone who walks through the door and it is a four step process:

Step 1: When you first come into the store, we have a quick conversation so we understand how you will be using your shoes and identify your goals.

Step 2: We ask that you run, walk or jog on the treadmill while we record you from the knees down. During this phase we will record your running style, how your foot strikes the mat and your overall gait analysis. We then explain the results so you have a complete understanding of your style and your needs.

Step 3: We size your foot for length and width and provide a shoe size recommendation based on your exercise needs.

Step 4: We bring you a wide variety of shoe brands for you to try on and try out. We encourage you to go outside and walk or run to compare the different brands.

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